Monica Di Bernardo, the clown teacher who gave smiles to sick children, died in a car accident

She died in a car accident along the Picente state road that leads from L’Aquila to Pizzoli Monica Di Bernardo, teacher, actress and clown who brought smiles to children hospitalized: “Friend with an immense heart and a contagious laugh that entered the heart of all”.

Mourning a The Eaglemourning the death of Monica DiBernardo, 42-year-old teacher of Teramo origin, famous for giving sick children a smile in her clothes clown. She leaves behind her husband and two young children.

The woman, born in Atri and residing between Silvi Marina and Tempera, was the victim of a car accident occurred last November 23, around 7:30, while going to school along the Picente state road which from L’Aquila leads to Pizzoli. The very violent collision with another car traveling in the opposite direction took place near a service station.

The 23-year-old driving the second car was not seriously injured. The girl was entered on the register of suspects for vehicular homicide.

An autopsy will be performed on the 42-year-old’s body. The investigation, carried out by the carabinieri of the Pizzoli station and by colleagues from the Company, will most likely see the entry into the field of a consultant by the deputy public prosecutor, Marco Maria Cellini, owner of the file.

Monica Di Bernardo, actress, teacher, musician, in the role of the clown when she cheered up children hospitalized or the disabled of the local communities, had studied theater and acting techniques right in the capital of Abruzzo.

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Many i messages appeared on social media to remember her. Among these, that ofBrucaliffo L’Aquila Association – Theater in the Hospital. “Due to the serious and sudden mourning that struck us, as people and as an association, we feel we have to suspend all our activities until the time of the funeral. Monica Di Bernardo, Chiappetta for us, was a light and messy clown, but above all a friend with a huge heart and an infectious laugh that entered everyone’s heart,” the post reads.

Also rector of the University of L’Aquila Edward Alesse, on behalf of the whole academic community, in her tribute she expressed “feelings of profound condolences for the untimely passing of Monica, an esteemed school teacher and theater actress, a former student of our university, where she had recently graduated in History and practices of the arts, of music and entertainment”.

Finally, a thought was also written by the mayor of Silvi, Andrea Scordarella: “For a long time he had also worked as a clown in the ward of the Aquila hospital thinking of the little ones and had also contributed to various artistic and cultural initiatives in our city. I embrace my husband and his two children with affection and emotion in this terrible time of suffering”.

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