Health Monitoring emotional well-being, key to new normality

Monitoring emotional well-being, key to new normality

Francisco Aguirre highlighted monitoring the emotional state of the collaborators since they are likely to return worried, distressed or in crisis.

With the arrival of the so-called new normal, companies prepare to return to their normal activities little by little; However, after weeks of uncertainty, it is very important to assess the emotional conditions of the workforce.

This was pointed out Francisco Aguirre, Consulting Partner of AvantGarde Human Capital Consultants, who recommended to the managers and heads of area to evaluate if there are issues in which they can support them to guarantee that they are in optimal conditions.

“That diagnosis does not imply using several hours, but simply being close to people, feeling them, seeing if they are committed, listening to them and, at the same time, the organization has to do a self-diagnosis to see how it can be much more efficient”, shared in interview for TyT.

He stressed the importance of monitoring the emotional state of the collaborators since they are likely to return worried, anguished or in crisis.

Aguirre specified that, as a result of this analysis, motor transport companies must also review what processes and forms of work may be changing to achieve a balance between the emotional well-being of its collaborators, the productivity and finances of the organization itself.

It is, he said, improvements in shifts
and establish flexible contracting, as well as optimize logistics issues
and routes. In short, everything that involves improving productivity and
quality of life at work “,


Although before the era of COVID-19 many companies already had good practices for the care of emotional well-being From its collaborators – such as dining, medical, transport, sports and social activities, as well as psychological care – the watershed that meant the health emergency is an opportunity for more companies to focus on this line.

How to achieve it in the midst of financial uncertainty? The consulting partner of AvantGarde Human Capital Consultants recognized that not all companies can implement a robust monitoring program for emotional well-being. Instead, he explained that entrepreneurs can turn to more practical solutions like psychological services. freelance or digital platforms.

As an example of the latter, is the application Productivity Go!, which allows the areas of Human Resources establish a psychosocial and emotional risk prevention strategy, while maintaining communication with employees in a clear and direct way.

Whichever option companies choose, the idea is to provide collaborators with products and services that tend to improve their emotional situation.

Finally, Francisco Aguirre He considered that there are companies in the motor transport sector that have achieved leadership through the value they place on their human capital. “We already have good practices in Mexico, now they must be permeated to all transport companies so that they see the benefits that affect their productivity, cost savings and the quality of life of the workforce,” he said.

In his opinion, these good practices should be disseminated so that employers have the confidence to bet on improving human capital, since this will be reflected in improvements to the organization.

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