monkeypox. A new symptom was registered (and the case is Portuguese)

IIn Portugal, researchers recently registered a possible new symptom of Monkeypox. This is the case of a 31-year-old man with a positive test, who developed acute myocarditisan inflammation of the heart muscle, a week after the appearance of the first symptoms of the virus.

This discovery, published in the scientific journal JACC: Case Reports, highlights the possibility of Monkeypox affecting and causing potential complications in the heart, the researchers tell the newspaper El Espanõl.

The patient, presented to a health center, five days after the first symptoms of Monkeypox, quickly the infection was confirmed, through a PCR test, done through a skin rash sample. Three days later, the patient went to the emergency room because he felt a strong tightness in his chest, which radiated to his left arm.

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Thus, the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit, where several examinations and tests were performed that confirmed that it was acute myocarditis. After one week the patient recovered completely and

“We believe that reporting this possible causal relationship can make the scientific community and healthcare professionals more aware of acute myocarditis as a possible complication associated with Monkeypox,” said Ana Isabel Pinho, lead author of the study. Adding that “it may be useful for the close follow-up of affected patients to recognize other complications in the future”.

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