Monks of Tibhirine, early fifteen years of investigation


March 27, 1996. One in the morning, about twenty men kidnap seven Trappist monks in the Monastery of Our Lady of the Atlas, Tibhirine. May 21 The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) supports their murder. 30 May. Their heads are discovered near Medea. 10 February 2004. The Paris prosecutor opens a judicial inquiry. November 19, 2009. At the request of the judges, the Ministry of Defense declassifies 68 secret defense documents. October 2014. The remains of the monks are autopsied. But Algiers prohibits the judges Marc Trévidic and Nathalie Poux (later investigating) to report the samples. 10 June 2016. The judge Nathalie Poux retrieves the champions. March 29, 2018. The autopsy report is unveiled, undermining the official Algerian version that the monks were murdered by the GIA. Infiltrated by the Algerian secret services, she could have been manipulated by Algiers to remove the religious.


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