Entertainment Mononcle Richard's lesson in seduction

Mononcle Richard’s lesson in seduction

Hi boys!

Today, Uncle Richard is going to help you seduce girls, because I’m watching what’s going on these days, and I’m thinking that many of you need to update your approach strategies.

After all, we are in 2020 AFTER Jesus Christ, not before.

« Awèye don’ ! »

I tell you right away, I am not a professional.

I’ve been off the market for ages, and when I was, my number one strategy for seducing was to sit in the far corner of a bar and drink beer until what a girl thinks to herself, “Oh, but who’s that handsome dark man setting over there in the dark?” “

(Hint: This method, which I invented in the fall of 1982 and taken to an unprecedented level of sophistication, is not effective. Forget it.)

But now, when I compare my methods to those used by some big names in the artistic world, I tell myself that I could perhaps be useful.

So I will answer the questions that many men are asking.

Un: how many times do I have to repeat “Awèye don ‘, seems to me that it would be the fun that you sleep with me, say don” Yes “?

Answer: never once. If the girl is interested, fear not, you will feel it.

(A sign that she may be interested: she’ll be happy to see you and give you a nice smile, instead of desperately looking for emergency exits as soon as you step into her field of vision.)

What do you think ? That at the 51e once you ask her that, the girl will suddenly change her mind and exclaim, “Ah, yes, great, since the time I was expecting this”?

A beautiful photo !

Two: Should I send him a picture of my weedy?

Answer: absolutely not. Do you like your zizi? Are you happy to have one? Do you think he’s cute? Perfect: spend your days contemplating it. You can even talk to her, if you want, or dress her like a little doll (the cape suits them particularly well).

But know that showing it off or soaking it in a drink is 1) a crime and 2) irrefutable proof of immaturity.

Three: I am a humorist and I would like to seduce girls. What should I do ?

Answer: make them laugh !!!! You have a precious talent, use it! Do you know how many guys would like to be funny, but aren’t?

A woman’s laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world. Why would a guy who knows how to make women laugh (a super power that isn’t given to everyone) go out of his way to make them cry?


Four: why be nice when you know that women like bad boys ?

Answer: Women like guys who are confident, have a strong personality, and take them on adventures.

A female drummer is the opposite: he is weak, psychologically fragile and needs to weaken his companions in order to feel strong.

He may dress up as a rocker, he’s a weakling.

Are you looking for a strong role model, guys?

Adopt that of the knight.

Straight, generous, faithful, courteous and protective.


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