“Monster Hunter Rising Dawn” April update adds “Attack Bead II” and “Talent Bead II” stone guard processing | 4Gamers

“Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” (Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak) just completed the installation in February, and the free 4th bullet update of the golem to overcome the sky comet dragon and ice dragon, the director Suzuki Yoshigo continued to announce the coming April In the 5th round, the information is updated for free. A new search bar has been added for stone protection processing to allow players to search for the stone protection they want. However, what players pay attention to is not this function, but the stone protection in the screenshot.

Take a closer look, the protective stone in the screen shot of protective stone processing has many hunters waiting for “Attack Pearl II” and “Talent Pearl II” open for production. Although it is not yet known what materials are needed, it is likely to be related to the fifth bullet. The updated revived Elder Species are related to strengthening individuals.

Of course, there are some changes related to alchemy in the fifth update, in FebruaryDirector Suzuki also announced that there will be 2 more new alchemychoose.

For many hunter players who have only entered the pit series of “Monster Hunter World”, the biggest reason for quitting is mostly the RNG obtained with ideal attributes is too difficult, but “Monster Hunter Rising Dawn” has obviously been improving the player’s life in this part Moving in the direction of Quality of Experience (QoL).

But speaking of it this way, the materials that should be produced still need to be produced. The fifth update of “Monster Hunter Rising Dawn” is expected to be updated in April 2023.

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