Montero, hours after the PSOE-PNV agreement: it is "difficult" transfer Social Security to the Basque Country

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Just a few hours after the PSOE and the PNV signed the investiture agreement for Pedro Sánchez, which includes the transfer of Social Security to the Basque Country, María Jesús Montero has sensitively qualified this point. The Minister of Finance and number 2 socialist has recognized that This transfer is “difficult”. “Nothing has been singled out regarding Social Security,” Montero has in fact stressed, thus reducing the relevance of this point that is included in the agreement but which, in reality, is not directly referred to.

The text says, specifically, that the present self-government must be “completed with the transfer to Euskadi of the powers still pending in the non-extendable period of two years“, And these powers include the transfer of Social Security, as stated in the Statute of Gernika.

The PNV has always longed to obtain that transfer, and in recent years it has increased the pressure to achieve it. At the end of 2019 the training ruler already fenced a ruling from the Constitutional Court in which, effectively, the door was opened for this concession to occur. And since then there have been numerous meetings with the different Ministers of Territorial Policy to discuss this transfer. For this reason, the acting Government points out that this point is not new, but it is new that a “non-extendable” period of two years is set.

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