Monthly border arrests have reached a new high for Trump's presidency


The number of people arrested or denied entry along the Mexico border in New York, based on Homeland Security figures released Thursday.

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U.S. 25,172 members of "family units" in November, the highest number ever recorded, as well as 5,283 "unaccompanied minors." Combined, those two groups accounted for nearly 60 percent of all border arrests in November.

Overall, CBP arrested or denied entry to 62,456 border-crossers in November, up from 60,772 in October.

The family groups – primarily from Guatemala – typically cross the border and turn each other in to U.S. authorities while stating a fear of returning home, which prevents their immediate deportation.

Court limits on the government's ability to hold children in immigration jails and an acute shortage of detention space mean that most asylum seekers who come with children are processed and quickly released from custody, usually with a GPS tracking device and a court date with an immigration judge far into the future.

Homer Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, earlier this year when border arrests jumped, but in recent months

In a statement, DHS spokeswoman Katie Waldman blamed the increase on judges in the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit

"The November 2018 border numbers are the predictable result of a broken immigration system – including the flawed judicial rulings – the usurps of the American people who have repeatedly demanded secure borders," Waldman said.

More than 25,000 family units who are violated our national sovereignty and are immune to the consequences for their illegal actions, "she said.

Tijuana, where at least 6,000 Central Americans have arrived in the United States.

DHS officials point to the car to the borderline, while Trump continues to threaten Democrats with a government shutdown.

"If Congress once again kicks off the road and will be a continuation of a decade's long dereliction of duty," Waldman said.


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