Mora Godoy announced that she is closing her dance school and criticized the Government: “We were not heard.”

The dancer Mora Godoy decided to close her dance school after 10 months of inactivity. Although he clarified that he continues to support the Government, he launched harsh criticism: “There are officials who have no sensitivity” Source: Archive

As a result of the paralysis of activities that caused the coronavirus pandemic, Mora Godoy resolved close your dance school. The decision came after 10 months without classes. In addition, it will finish some pieces of your wardrobe.

The tango dancer shared the news on the program Informed of everything (América TV) with great sadness: “Here I lived a lot of things. It is my place of rehearsal, of creation. There is all the costumes of my career. It is very hard and difficult, but to be able to move on I have to detach of him and to finish off much of the costumes that I know many dancers may need “.

In relation to his work activity in recent months, he said that he had to suspend group classes. “We gave private classes and obviously we didn’t get any kind of response“Godoy explained.

“I think there are officials who work well and others who they have no sensitivity and they are not listening to those who need the most, “he criticized. And I add: “We do not enter the ATP, the IFE, we do not enter the subsidies. Tourism had billions and billions. We are tourism because tourists come. There are many who belong to tourism and culture but we were not heard“.

In the same vein, the dancer clarified that it maintains its support for the management of Alberto Fernandez, but with criticism: “I voted and I absolutely support the Government. There are things that can be improved and changed, but you have to appeal to sensitivity.”

Finally, he shot: “Tourism subsidies have been distributed to people who had income in dollars last year. Not applicable. “



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