Morante cuts his performance in Bilbao after being disrespected from the line: "You are very fat!"

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He already told it in the chronicle: Morante de la Puebla got angry, or felt hurt, when he was making an effort to overcome the afternoon and a bull that had come out with complications, very crossed, forcing him to throw the cloak against his face and reach the alley miraculously. What in slang is called taking the olive tree.

He had already been bullied in the first bull of Juan Pedro’s bullfight, who came out very distracted, without humiliating, empty… He shortened with him and the Bilbao public got angry, unleashing a fight. Perhaps for this reason in the next bull, despite the scare at the start, he tried to find the grain of the right python, because the left one, I already said, was defeated, perhaps repaired from sight. I don’t know.

Morante was making an effort in the scorching afternoon of forty-four degrees, which was a crazy apotheosis for Talavante. Then, in the middle of a series of rounds, he heard an offensive thunderous voice: “You are very fat!”. The teacher heard him clearly, like the rest of the square. He cut to the chase, the batch and the work, unleashing another row that found cracks in some comfort palms.

This Thursday he repeats in Bilbao together with Roca Rey and Escribano. We’ll see.

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