Morante definitively cuts off the season at the end of the Seville bullfight: "What can not be, can not be"

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Morante of Puebla has decided to permanently cut the season at the end of the first bullfight of the San Miguel fair in Seville. The teacher from Puebla has an injury to his right wrist that has caused him to suffer, coming and going, throughout the season.

This Friday he reappeared after a long break which had kept him confined in Portugal since the beginning of September to be treated by specialists for the rupture of the “scaphus lunate” ligament in his right wrist, which required surgery. All efforts have been in vain.

Pedro J. Marques, his attorney, spoke to this newspaper: “What cannot be, cannot be. We have already informed all the companies,” he said sadly.

Things had not gone with a bad batch, the worst, of Matilla’s bullfight. But he had left the excellence of his cape once again.

Thus ends the historic season in which Morante de la Puebla He cut a tail in the Maestranza, April 26 as the date for the annals.

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