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Girls and women often complain that bras oppress them, and on hot days even make the body boil in this “armor”. Although the physiotherapist Gosia Włodarczyk emphasizes that it is better to give up a bra than to walk in a wrong bra, she is feeling that in some cases you should not discard a bra. Failure to wear it can cause back problems.

Should you give up a bra?

First of all, the bra straps will stick to the body, but only when it is not properly chosen. As expert Gosia Włodarczyk claims, it can not only cause pain, but also limit the flow of blood and lymph. What’s more, an improperly selected cup causes the underwire to dig into the breast tissue, which is dangerous. The bowl itself should cover the entire breast, and not cut it into two halves. The conclusion is that when we wear a bra, we should make sure that it fits perfectly, then it will fulfill its function. Otherwise, it will contribute to discomfort and discomfort.

Pros of wearing a bra

A bra should be worn by women with large breasts. Resigning from this type of underwear can aggravate thoracic kyphosis. By slouching, we make the bust saggy. A good bra will make the weight of the bust rest on a tight bra and we will be able to maintain the correct body posture and additionally relieve the spine – explains the physiotherapist.

Cons of wearing a bra

The expert states that women with small breasts can walk without a bra and it will not significantly affect their body posture, the appearance and shape of their breasts. – If we have a large bust, we have the correct body posture, that is, properly tense back and chest muscles, probably nothing will happen. Breasts with properly functioning muscles will still be firm – emphasizes Włodarczyk.


So, if we have small breasts and we don’t like extra underwear because it hurts us, we can safely give up the bra.

Currently, in the United States, the slogan: “I wear a mask more often than a bra” is popular. It encourages women to give up bras for their own comfort. As we emphasized in the article, with a small breast, not wearing a bra will not affect a distorted body posture or the firmness of the breasts. However, a bra should be worn by women with large breasts and pregnant and nursing women.

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