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The most beautiful life in advance, PBLV episode # 3689 from Thursday 13 December 2018 –Next Thursday in your daily series of France 3 The most beautiful life, Theo has ceased activity and has returned home. Clement is relieved but Coralie will make an admission that he will cool him …

In fact, while Clement thanked Coralie for all he did and asked what he wanted to tell him before Theo was hospitalized, she did not presume …

More beautiful early life: Coralie makes an admission to Clement (episode of VIDEO PBLV # 3689)
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Coralie can not look Clement in the eye, unable to admit that he slept with Theo. But she makes a confession: she is not ready to make a child.

Disappointed, Clement says they'll talk about it when he feels ready …

A scene from the PBLV episode on Thursday, which we invite you to discover at this moment in preview.

More beautiful life – episode of video episode 3689 December 13, 2018

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