More cayucos at dawn in El Hierro: the seventh arrives in 24 hours

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Incessant arrival of cayucos to The iron. After a small window of hours in which calm and tranquility had reigned in the port of La RestingaAt around 1 in the morning (island time) the alarms went off after a new boat was sighted approximately 4 miles from the port. It is the seventh in the last 24 hours.

They were on board 79 personasseveral of them visibly exhausted. Although none have needed urgent medical attention, some showed symptoms of exhaustion and have been treated by the Canary Emergency Service and by troops of the Red Cross.

Almost 600 personas They arrived in El Hierro throughout Friday. Therefore, there are already about 700 who have arrived on the island in the last 24 hours. The island has two infrastructures, a sports center and an old monastery, barely equipped to accommodate the people who arrive via these boats. However, the capacity is just over 500 people. The island does not have sufficient capacity to receive and manage such an influx of vessels.

Despite their fatigue, some of these people have also shown joy at reaching land: “Boza free” they shouted, which is the expression of victory that African migrants usually use when they manage to touch European soil. It means “victory.”

To these latest arrivals we must add more than 500 who arrived on the island on Tuesday and another almost 700 who did so on Wednesday. It is the largest migration crisis that the westernmost of the Canary Islands has experienced in its history.

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