More health problems in children of alcoholics – Accent

According to the study, which published in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs children and relatives of someone who is addicted to alcohol have an increased risk of both mental and physical problems. They also generally find it more difficult to establish themselves in society, more difficult to get a job, pursue academic studies to a lesser degree, and are more likely to end up in crime.

Medicalexpress writes about the study which is based on 91 articles with data from national registers, mainly from the Nordic countries.

– It made it possible to map more serious and longer-term and more unusual effects. Accounts from the parents themselves tend to minimize the damage suffered by children in the family – so by going to national registers and other archives we can get a clearer picture of how children are affected, says Julie Brummer, PhD student at Aarhus University in Denmark.

The scientists could see that it is in close relationships that the damage is most serious.

– In the Nordic countries there are extensive archives and we have also been able to make comparisons with previous events. Through national registries, we were able to identify several quite serious consequences for children of a parent or relative who drinks heavily.

The study was able to establish an increased risk of infant mortality, that children of alcoholics are more likely to be convicted of crimes, and have less academic success than average.

– They also run a higher risk of ending up in foster care or being exposed to abuse. They also have an increased risk of hospitalization and mental illness or physical injuries, says Julie Brummer.

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