more severe symptoms, here are the most common…

In Belgium, between June 14 and 20, there were an average of 75.6 hospital admissions per day due to covid, an increase of 24% compared to the previous reference period. The reproduction rate of the virus is 1.16. When it is greater than 1, this indicator means that the epidemic tends to accelerate.

The BA.5 subvariant is making progress in Europe and should quickly become dominant. Its symptoms are more intense and slightly different from those of the BA.2 variant. “I did not expect to be so bad”, reported a patient to our colleagues from Parisian.

Asymptomatic forms are also fewer with this new variant.

Here are the reported symptoms

– Asthenia (fatigue) in 72% of cases

– Cough (56% of cases)

– Fever (56% of cases)

– Runny nose (49% of cases)

– Headaches (headaches) (50% of cases)

– Myalgia (or aches) in 39% of cases

– Sore throat (38% of cases)

– Feeling of fever (17% of cases)

– Nausea and vomiting (17% of cases)

– Loss of taste (16% of cases)

– Loss of smell (16% of cases)

– Shortness of breath (14% of cases)

– Diarrhea (14.5% of cases)

– Dyspnea (unpleasant breathing) in 7.3% of cases.

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