More than 200 academics sign an open letter accusing Cambridge of publishing "racist pseudoscience"


Dr. Noah Carl was accused of "ethically suspicious and methodologically imperfect work". More than 200 academics signed a letter accusing a Cambridge scholar of publishing "racist pseudoscience". Noah Carl has previously argued in support of eugenics and stated that the opposition to immigration can be based on "rational beliefs". The researcher at the University of Cambridge has been accused of publishing "ethically impeccable and methodologically flawed studies" by academics, according to the Times. Professor in the best universities in the UK and abroad, including Oxford, Cambridge and Princeton, he published an open letter asking Cambridge to conduct an investigation into his nomination process. Carol's earlier controversial writings have included Islam's link to terrorism, claiming that "consensual stereotypes" on nationality or race "are generally judged to be accurate," and the impact of immigration.

The dott. Carl previously argued in support of eugenics and said that the opposition to immigration can be based on "rational beliefs". In the open letter written by professors, they say: "A careful consideration of Carl's published work and public position on various issues, particularly on the relationship claimed between" race "," crime "and" genetic intelligence ", brings us to conclude that his work is ethically suspect and methodologically imperfect They say they are "deeply concerned that racist pseudoscience is legitimized through association with the University of Cambridge. "They added:" This scholarship was awarded to Carl despite his participation in, and public defense, the discredited "London Conference on Intelligence", in which racist and pseudo-scientific works were regularly presented. Dr. Noah Carl, 28, has been criticized for "racist" opinions, but he is a great supporter of free speech. Dr Noah Gilpin Carl was born in 1990 in Cambridge and is a researcher at St Edumund's College in the city. The 28-year-old has a degree in humanities, a degree in sociology and a degree in sociology in Oxford. For his doctorate, he examined the way in which cognitive abilities and socio-political beliefs can be correlated. It also focuses on social identity and immigration. But he criticized his point of view on how the opposition to immigration can be based on "rational beliefs". The journalists claim that his work was used by far-right outlets to help xenophobic and anti-rhetorical immigrants. His research was supported by various far-right US media groups, including Info Wars, which is led by the theoretician. of the Alex Jones conspiracy. However, Dr. Carl is a passionate advocate of freedom of speech and previously stated that "stifling debate around taboo subjects can also do active harm." He also writes for the UK in a changing Europe, a website Brexit research fund financed by the Economic and Social Research Council In a photo on his Facebook profile, Dr. Carl is seen practicing yoga in stone circles with a young boy. "Carl's work has already been used by media and extremists of Right with the aim of feeding xenophobic and anti-immigration rhetoric … this kind of pseudo-scientific racism is in serious danger of being used to justify policies that directly harm vulnerable populations. "Public condemnation comes among the growing concerns about freedom of speech on campus.The University of London has initiated an investigation at the start of this year on how conferences have been held network on eugenics and intelligence on campus. The London conference on intelligence – which academics have criticized for the participation of dr. Carl – is said to have been secretly conducted for at least three years by James Thompson, an honorary professor at the university. Toby Young sparked controversy after it was revealed that he attended the conference. Later he resigned from his position as director of the Office for Students in the midst of public protest. In response, Mr. Young said: "Participants were told only the place at the last minute, an anonymous anteroom at the end of a long corridor, called" room lecture 22 ", and I asked not to share this information with anyone else. "He added:" One of the participants, discovering that I was a journalist, begged me not to write about the fact that he was there – He did not want his colleagues to find out. " these precautions were not unreasonable, considering the reaction that any reference to differences between groups in IQ generally provoke. "What did Noah Carl say about Brexit, immigration and Muslims in recent years?" You can not simply assume that, in the case of doubt, stifling the debate on taboo subjects is the ethical thing to do. (This study) makes three main statements: first, that equating particular scientific statements with racism effectively maintains our morality as hostage to facts; second, that the "empty" vision of human nature also has pernicious moral implications; and third, that there are clear examples of where the suffocating debate has done material damage to both individuals and social institutions. "Revolutionary Psychological Science, December 2018" Examining the relationship between the presence of Muslims and the incidence of Islamist terrorism is now a lively area of ​​academic research … Obviously, it is obvious that only a small minority of Muslims he is a terrorist, and not all terrorists are Muslims. "Half, September 2018" Voters remain overestimated on the importance that voters attribute to both the regaining control of EU immigration and teach British politicians a lesson. 52% of the remaining voters qualify as "the minors wanted the UK to regain control over immigration in the European Union", while only 39% of the left-wing voters ranks "to resume control over European immigration ". And 12 percent of Remain's voters classify "The pastors wanted to teach British politicians a lesson", while only 3 percent of the left-wing voters ranks "to teach British politicians a lesson". "Blog of London School of Economics, May 2018" Britain to vote to leave the EU is definitely not without precedent. The country has left the European continent on three previous occasions, each time carefully assessing the costs and benefits before doing so. In the Brexit of the spring of 1940, Great Britain politely refused to participate in an effort led by Germany towards the European political union. In the film King Henry & # 39; s Brexit of 1534, the country sought to regain competitiveness by disengaging from the yoke of papal regulation. And in the original Brexit of 10,000-6,500 BC, the country prudently chose to increase border security while at the same time putting its long-time fishermen back to work. "Memento, March 2018" The extent of migratory flows to the interior has increased during the 20th century, and has done so dramatically since the years 90 and up. Between 1900 and 1950, the fraction of a foreign population was born, but never exceeded 5%. In the early 1990s, it was well above 5%. In 2011, it was around 13%. And today, it is probably more than 15%. Therefore, contemporary levels of immigration in Britain are historically unprecedented. Britain had probably assumed its nationality at least until the end of the 19th century. At this point in time, the composition of the British population was largely as it was more than 1000 years earlier. There is therefore little justification in saying that Britain is an "immigrant nation". "Media, March 2017" The present study shows that, in the United Kingdom, the net opposition to immigrants of different nationalities is closely linked to the register of arrests of immigrants and the register of their arrest rates for violent crimes. This is particularly noteworthy given that British citizens think that the criminal history of an immigrant should be one of the most important characteristics when considering whether it should be admitted to the country. "Open Quantitative Sociology and Political Sciences, November 2016" It seems plausible that the higher the percentage of Muslims in the population, the greater the percentage of citizens susceptible to Islamist radicalization, and therefore the greater the fraction of the population that the security services should monitor. For example, ISIS has actively sought to radicalize young Muslims living in Western countries by spreading jihadist propaganda through social media. As for the latter, it is obvious that Islamic terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS could selectively target countries that have intervened militarily in Muslim countries, particularly in the Middle East, where the most sacred Islamic holy sites are located. "Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science, June 2016" The fact that the correlation between verbal intelligence and economically liberalist beliefs persists after the control of characteristics such as race, education and income suggests that it can not simply be attributed to selfishness by people with superior verbal intelligence. In particular, it contradicts the hypothesis that such people have only liberal beliefs from an economic point of view because they believe they have personally benefited from economically liberal policies. On the other hand, if conditional on current income, verbal intelligence is related to the tendency to believe that your future income will be higher in economically liberal policies, the correlation between verbal intelligence and economically liberal beliefs could be explained by egoism, at least in part. Intelligence, March 2014 Complete open letter: "There is no room for racist pseudoscience in Cambridge". We write to express our dismay at the appointment of Noah Carl to Toby Jackman's New York Trust Research Fellowship at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University. A careful consideration of the work published by Carl and of the public opinion on various issues, in particular on the alleged relationship between "race", "crime" and "genetic intelligence", leads us to conclude that his work is ethically suspicious and methodologically imperfect. These publications, drawing on discredited "race sciences", do not seem anything but an expression of opinion on various social issues. As members of the academic community committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical and methodological integrity in research and teaching, we are shocked that a body of work that includes vital errors in analysis and interpretation data seems to have been seriously considered for such a competitive research scholarship. We are deeply concerned that racist pseudoscience is legitimized through association with the University of Cambridge. This scholarship was awarded to Carl despite his participation in, and public defense, the discredited "London Conference on Intelligence", in which racist and pseudo-scientific works were regularly presented. Carl's work has already been used by extremist and far-right media exponents to feed anti-immigrant xenophobic rhetoric. In a context where the extreme right is on the rise all over the world, this kind of pseudo-scientific racism runs the serious risk of being used to justify policies that directly harm vulnerable populations. We are also concerned that the nomination process for this brotherhood has not been carried forward with the degree of academic rigor, diligence and respect for the principles of equality and diversity that we would expect from an electoral college of the University of Cambridge. We ask the St Edmund & # 39; s College, the University of Cambridge and the Newton Trust to issue a public statement that dissociates itself from research that seeks to establish correlations between race, genes, intelligence and crime to explain the problem. one with the other. We also ask the University of Cambridge to immediately conduct an inquiry into the nomination process that led to the award of this scholarship. This survey, which should be independent of the St Edmund College, must involve recognized experts in all relevant disciplines and include a thorough review of the body of designated academic work.


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