More than 30,000 people in Vienna are protesting against Austria’s new coronavir quarantine regime

More than 30,000 people are taking part in a protest in Vienna on Saturday against the new coronavir quarantine regime, which will take effect in Austria on Monday, police estimate.

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The media reports that the march has disrupted traffic in the center of Vienna. Some protesters have stuffed police officers with bottles. Several people were detained.

“The atmosphere is upset,” a police spokesman said.

As reported, Austria the government has decided to impose a quarantine regime in the country from Monday, which will initially run for ten days. During this time, most stores will be closed and no cultural events will take place. Schools will switch to distance learning, but will be open to those who cannot study at home.

Austria initially imposed a quarantine regime on those who had not been vaccinated against Covid-19 or had contracted it. The rules came into force on Monday, but as the number of cases continued to rise sharply, the government said there was no other way to apply the quarantine regime to everyone.

After ten days, the results of the quarantine regime will be evaluated, and if the number of cases is not reduced enough, it may be extended for another ten days.

From 13 December at the latest, the quarantine regime will be lifted for vaccinated and Covid-19 infected people, but the restrictions for non-vaccinated people will remain in place.

Austria has one of the smallest vaccination coverage in Western Europe. Hospitals are overcrowded, and the number of Covid-19 victims is rising again.

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Austria is also the first country European In the Union, which has announced that vaccination against Covid-19 will be compulsory from February.

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