More than 60 calls have been registered to give clues to the hitmen of the actor Efraín Ruales | Security | News

The television presenter Efraín Ruales was murdered by hitmen last Wednesday the 27th and there are still no detainees for his death or a clear motive.

In social networks, several hypotheses have been discussed and others have been raised by more than 60 people who have called 1800-CRIME to provide information, after the Ministry of Government announced that there is a reward of $ 50,000 for those who help to identify the killers.

The Prosecutor’s Office has not issued any information so far, however, it was learned that the presenter Alejandra Jaramillo, the deceased’s girlfriend, gave free and voluntary statements within the investigations on Tuesday afternoon at the Judicial Police facilities. The taking of the version to Jaramillo lasted almost two hours.

This Wednesday 3, a security guard from the urbanization in which the gymnasium that Ruales attended was located minutes before his murder, which occurred on Guillermo Cubillo Avenue, on the morning of Tuesday, January 27, had to attend in a reserved manner.

In the next few days, some relatives, co-workers and gym colleagues of the presenter will have to render their versions, who attended his training every day at 06:30.

The surveys carried out to date on hundreds of videos of the route taken by the actor reveal that the car from which Ruales was shot was supposedly driven by a woman.

The vehicle, twelve hours after the crime, was left on fire in the Suburb. Neighbors in that sector also mentioned that they saw a woman wearing gloves get out of the vehicle, seconds before it set fire to her, and that she escaped on a motorcycle that was following her.

The car had been stolen on January 6 in Guayacanes.

Colonel Neyb Jiménez, chief in charge of zone 8 (Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón), admitted days ago that the weapon used by the hitmen would also be related to a crime registered last December in Durán.

It is about the death of a sports leader who was in a court complex and was shot ten times.

On Tuesday, about 200 people protested outside the Guayas Prosecutor’s Office. They were families who demanded from the prosecutors results in the investigation of the crimes of their relatives, including that of Ruales. (I)

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