More than 80 stores cheated customers on ‘Black Friday’ discounts

More than 80 stores promised big price reductions they didn’t practice or advertised “Great Opportunities” and “Must Offers” for products sold at normal prices. All to deceive customers, during the latest edition of the “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday” campaigns.

An inspection by the Food and Economic Safety Authority (ASAE), which took place in the last week and a half and ended on Monday, found these irregularities, especially in the sectors of clothing sales and trade in electrical, electronic and computer items. It also signaled more illegal promotions on virtual stores.

The ASAE operation had a national scope, inspected 1453 economic operators and ended with the opening of 81 administrative infraction proceedings. “There was a general default rate of around 6%. It is a satisfactory figure and it has dropped slightly this year”, stresses the general inspector of ASAE, Pedro Portugal Gaspar. To JN, the same person responsible reveals, however, that the number of irregularities detected in stores that sell products over the Internet is higher. “The ratio is 12%. Online commerce brings a break with two concepts, time and space, which makes inspection more difficult. It is still a challenge for the consumer, who no longer has a place to complain. Let’s intensify the inspection”, he says.


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