more than a dozen dead since Thursday


Before this discovery, the balance of the fires that are currently devastating California were at least nine dead, all found in Paradise.

A property destroyed in Paradise, California.

Smoking rubble, cars reduced to carcasses: the Californian firefighters were still fighting Saturday, November 10 against the devastating fires that killed more than a dozen people and destroyed thousands of homes, with little hope of controlling the various disasters in the days to come.

Rescuers discovered the remains of "several" people in the remains of houses burned in the city of Paradise and put them in a black hearse, reported a journalist Agence France Presse (AFP).

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California fires: nine dead, tens of thousands displaced

Before this discovery, the balance of the fires currently devastating California was at least nine, all in Paradise, a city of 27,000 in Butte County, north of Sacramento, the capital of California. Since Thursday, more than 6,700 Paradise buildings, mostly residential, have been consumed by the fire called "Camp Fire", the most destructive ever recorded in California.

More than 25,000 people have received orders to evacuate their homes in a large area near the capital of this western state of the United States, in Sacramento, and in the popular resort of Malibu, in southern California.

Three weeks to control the flames in the Sierra Nevada

About ten kilometers around Paradiso, the sky was obscured by an acrid smoke and the sun was barely visible. The inhabitants have escaped from the danger, while on the road that leads to the center of the city lie destroyed cars. The electric poles were gnawed by the fire. "Only a few farmers are back to see what their cattle are like", a policewoman told AFP.

The fire has so far consumed more than 40,000 hectares and is controlled only by 20%, according to CalFire, the California Fire Department. Three of the over 3,200 deployed firemen were injured. Authorities estimate that it will take three weeks to control the flames in this area at the foot of the Sierra Nevada.

In Southern California, where more fires rage, 200,000 people, including all the people of Malibu, near Los Angeles, where many celebrities live, have received orders to evacuate due to the so-called fire. Woolsey, who has devoured almost 28,000 hectares and destroyed at least 150 homes since Thursday afternoon. Another home rages in Ventura County, near Thousand Oaks, where a former soldier fired Wednesday night at a city bar, killing twelve people before committing suicide.

Medical teams move equipment while the Feather River in Paradise hospital was partially burned.

Noah Berger / AP

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