More than half of the pets in the Netherlands are obese

Photo: Christian Bowen

Not only people nowadays often have a few extra pounds, this is also the case with our pets. As a result, obesity has not only become a disease of affluence for people. The professional organization for veterinarians is sounding the alarm. She sees more and more overweight pets and that is a big problem.

Almost 2 million dogs and more than 3 million cats live in the Netherlands. More than 35% of these animals are overweight. And just like humans, overweight in pets is becoming more and more prevalent. Thanks in part to the lockdowns and the many working from home, the extra corona kilos also appear to play a role with our four-legged friends. Bosses were simply more at home and lend a hand dog snacks is then quickly given. According to recent research, obesity has now risen to as much as 50% in dogs in some areas and 60% in cats, with all the associated risks. Because spoiling is a bad idea. Overweight pets have a greater chance of health problems, such as heart and lung problems, increased risk of bladder problems and diabetes, bone and joint problems such as osteoarthritis and of course an overall poor condition and sluggishness.

The importance of a good and balanced diet

Weight gain is the result of an increase in body fat. This is usually caused by too much dog food, especially in combination with lack of exercise. Just like in humans, an animal’s body stores fat when more calories are consumed than consumed. The more fat is accumulated, the heavier the animal becomes. But age also plays a role. Older pets tend to be less active, so need fewer calories† Also the rash plays along. Some breeds have a greater tendency to gain weight. Vfor dogs you can for example with a good diet with Riverwood Petfood dog food health problems to prevent. And do you have your dog or cat spayed or neutered? There is a good chance that because of this the combustion (metabolism) changes and your pet develops a tendency to gain weight. But it may also be that the excess weight is the result of a condition, such as an underactive thyroid.

Lively and active

The first signs of overweight in pets are an overweight abdomen and too much fat on the ribs. If you don’t feel it, your pet is overweight. Less stamina is also a feature. Animals simply become less active. Dogs can get problems with their joints. For example, some scientific studies show that overweight dogs with orthopedic conditions are much less likely to limp if they lose 5 to 8 percent of their weight.

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The advice of vets in the treatment of overweight is actually very simple: exercise more and, above all, eat less. Natural dog food with as few additives as possible helps with the diet. It is especially important that your animal receives balanced portions. So meals with enough fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and the right amount. And of course, the type and amount will vary by breed, size, weight, exercise, age and general health of your dog. A healthy diet is also good for the energy level and muscle mass of your four-legged friend. An additional advantage is that the chance of an allergic reaction is also reduced. The first thing owners notice when dogs and cats have lost weight is how much more lively and active the animals are. What could be better than seeing your pet play, run and jump again!

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