Moroccan footballers win the group, advance to the round of 16 of the World Cup. The brightest moments / Article

Simultaneously in group F Croatia and Belgium fought to a drawwhich ensured the Croatians a place in the knockout tournament, but the Belgian national team is already going home.

By the middle of the first half, the Moroccans had a 2-0 advantage, but they sent the ball into their own goal for the third time, giving the opponents hope of turning things around before the break.

The Moroccan national team reveals the result

Already in the 4th minute, Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borjan made a mistake when leaving the goal, passing to Moroccan Hakim Ziyesh, who did not hesitate to send the ball over the goalkeeper into an empty net.

The Moroccans double their lead

On the other hand, Yusef Enesiri in the 23rd minute, in a fight with two defenders in the penalty area, hit the goal accurately in the near corner.

The Moroccans set up a goal for Canada

Najef Agerd also scored in the near corner, but in his own goal, hitting the ball after Sam Adekugbe’s shot in the 40th minute.

The Canadians played actively in the attack in the second half, forcing the opponents to fight on defense. The closest Canada came to tying the game was on Atiba Hutchinson’s shot, which hit both the crossbar and the goal line but missed.

Three teams claimed two tickets to the round of 16 in Group F.

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Scenarios for qualifying for the round of 16

  • Croatia were in a good position, as participation in the elimination tournament could be guaranteed even with a draw against Belgium. The Croatians could theoretically advance even after the loss, as long as Canada, who had already lost hope, defeated the Moroccans and the goal ratio for Croatia remained better than for the Moroccan national team.
  • Morocco a draw would also be enough for participation in the round of 16. Losing to Canada would give the Moroccans another chance with a Belgium win over Croatia, but provided Morocco ends up with a better goals-to-concealed ratio than the Croatians in the group standings.
  • for Belgium only a victory could ensure safe passage to the first round of elimination. A draw would only work if the Moroccans lost to Canada and the Belgians had a more positive goal balance than the Moroccan national team. A loss for the Belgians means an exit.
  • Canada with the match against Morocco concluded the participation in the final tournament.

32 national teams are competing for the World Cup in Qatar, which are divided into eight groups in the first stage of the tournament and will play a round-robin tournament until December 2. The two best teams from each group will enter the elimination stage, which will end with the final on December 18.

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