“Morocco aspires to establish a gas infrastructure worthy of the 21st century”

During an exchange with national media, held recently, Mrs. Benali affirmed that this gas infrastructure which includes gas pipelines, ports and storage and regasification units will not only guarantee competitive energy to the sector of electricity but also to the industrial sector which struggles to have access to natural gas today.

The Minister also insisted on the importance of the construction of regasification units, indicating that the achievement of energy sovereignty in terms of natural gas requires the transformation of liquefied gas (LNG) which must be done on national territory. and the Moroccan maritime space, whether at the level of a floating power station or a land terminal.

The Minister called on the industrialists to carry out their economic and financial calculations to decide on the most immediate solution, noting that, according to the ANP, the ports which are relatively ready to receive LNG are those in Mohammedia and Nador.

Mrs. Benali also stressed the need not to be limited to a port and to prepare others on the 3500 km of coasts including that of Jorf, an industrial center, Tangier and Dakhla which is intended to become a green industrial region. .

We can prepare four ports not only to receive natural gas but also to make possible, at the same time, an integrated development of the city and the region, she continued.

LNG has special safety standards, she explained, calling for the competent authorities to be given the time needed to carry out studies on this subject.

Morocco is also called upon to become a leader in competitive hydrogen, said Ms. Benali, insisting on the importance of the gas infrastructure of the 21st century which can allow us to mix hydrogen like the countries which mix in of existing gas pipelines 30 pc of hydrogen.

Referring to the relative delay experienced by the Tendrara and Larache projects, the minister said she preferred that they be part of this 21st century gas infrastructure.

“I hope that all these projects can justify their economic sustainability,” she said, also expressing the wish that these projects can develop in a sustainable manner.

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