Morocco, one of the three countries to have received the most doses of vaccine from Serum Institute of India

Credit: PTI

On February 23, The Times of India claims that Morocco, along with Bangladesh and Brazil, is among the three countries to have received the most vaccines from AstraZeneca, produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII), from the airport from Mumbai. “The largest export of the vaccine was to Dhaka (in Bangladesh) with 9 million doses, followed by Morocco with 6 million doses and Brazil with 4 million doses”, we specify.

“In total, so far, around 113 tonnes of vaccine have been sent to more than 57 destinations, including more than 29 international destinations and 28 national destinations. », adds the same source. “Air India, Emirates and Royal Air Maroc have become the top three airlines operating the largest number of vaccines for international destinations, with respectively 15 million, 6.1 million and 6 million doses”, we also learn.

As a reminder, this February 21, the SII urged foreign governments to be patient pending their supply of anti-Covid19 vaccines. Priority given to the needs of India.

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