Morocco. The 17-year-old was beaten and raped for two months

The origins of this case date back to 2018. It was then a nearly 17-year-old Moroccan woman who was kidnapped by a group of men. During the two months, the teenager experienced a real horror. Throughout her captivity, she was starved, humiliated, disfigured, tortured and raped. There are still tattoos on her body that were made by her frames and traces of dimmed cigarettes.

The men, tied by family and friendly ties, kidnapped her and held her in a secluded place to take pests on her. It is not known what they wanted to do with her in the end. The teen escaped the perpetrators several times, but each time they caught her, beaten and raped her horribly.

Despite this, the girl did not lose faith and when another opportunity arose, although she was afraid of another defeat and beating, she made more attempts to escape. She regained her freedom after living in hell on earth for two months.

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