Morocco Today / After 23 years this coach returns to Khenifra


23 years after this coach returns to Khenifra, the national team to be deployed in 12 – 10 – 2018 national contract Youssef Marini signed with Khenifra's youth to oversee the team, which reported negative results in the lower part of the second professional championship. bets contained in the contract, Position the team and form a competitive team. "After 23 years I will return to supervise Khenifra's youth, who opened the first door of my training course, when I was contacted by his officials, I did not hesitate to accept their offer," said Yousif al-Marini. With this team, I will help to get out of the circle of negative consequences ». Click here to read the news from its source.

We thank you and the visitors of the Medan News portal for their trust and presence and we promise to provide all new and important information from all sources of reliable news. The transfer was made today (23 years later by this coach in Khenifra) and the source is responsible for the news.
Source: Mughras



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