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This prevents websites from accessing personal data via Cromantja 24 Posted in Tangiers 24 days 10 – 11 – 2018 Due to the increasing number of websites, web applications and smartphones, their needs have also been developed. They want to access the webcam to enable video calls and want to know where you are. And so on. Web sites now require the highest number of app permissions on the phone, but you may not know how to manage them, so today we'll know how to limit cookies and other data that can be saved locally on your laptop through the Google Chrome browser, and it's up to you authorize sites to track your identity on the Web to customize the ads you see best, but you should know the options available. How to control cookies on Google Chrome: while accessing the microphone or the location of your computer is easy, you may not be aware of the importance of cookies, which are files created by the websites you visit. To make your online experience easier by saving browsing information, websites use cookies to keep you connected, remember location preferences and can also be used to create a profile for you and your online business, which is why many users Web users prefer to limit their use, especially when it comes to "third-party" cookies that can follow you through multiple websites, where advertisers can find out what you're looking for on Google, Amazon or other sites, Most browsers Web controls cookies. Privacy settings in Google Chrome Chrome Chrome keeps a large amount of personal data in it: knows where you are, what apps you use, your auto-fill data and your favorite pages. Chrome Sync calculates exactly by storing every site you visit on Google, Chrome Browser and Android apps. Know when to look and what to look for, how many searches you've done and the most important search queries. To see what Google Chrome allows for any website, follow these steps: • Go to the Google Chrome browser • Open any website you're constantly using • Click on the lock icon located north of the address bar of this site, The lock indicates that the location you are using is secure, but sometimes it may have a different icon like "i" • Press the Site Settings option from the menu that appears • A new tab will open a long list of access controls, Location, camera, microphone, notifications, audio and many others • Press GO Restore permissions Permissions to quickly restore all these options to their default state How to change individual cookie permissions for specific sites on Google Chrome • Go to Google Chrome browser • Open any website you use constantly • Click on the lock icon located north of this bar n Addresses • To open the Site Settings menu, click on the Cookies option. • You will see a list of cookies for this site and at the end of the list, select Remove or Block, choose MainSpeak and click Finish to automatically delete all cookies in all sites. was Google Chrome: follow these steps: • Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer • Click on the three points in the upper right corner of the Chrome window • Press Settings • Scroll down to Advanced, Privacy and security, click on the Content Settings option – click on the Cookies option – click on the option to view all site data and cookies • Click on the Delete All option. By clicking on the Clear All button, click here to read the news from its source.

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