Mortada Mansour on the return of Sassi and the renewal of Laban Sharqi: Am I Superman?

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Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, confirmed that he returned to his position by a court ruling until the end of the elections in the club.

Mortada Mansour denounced, during a press conference held this evening, Wednesday, what was circulated about the issue of his return to announcing the elections for the club and then his departure from the club, where he said: “I was threatening the minister in need,” he said.

The President of Zamalek indicated that some media outlets published false reports and claimed that the council would renew Ashraf bin Sharqi and Ferjani Sassi’s return, and I would end the suspension of registration. This is nonsense, I didn’t get enough time to solve this mom

And he continued, “Are there people who say that I will return the registration this week, and Ferjani Sassi returned this week, and I renewed Ashraf bin Sharqi, is I Superman?”

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