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Mortada Mansour: the Lady of the squadron held a sword Farouk Jafar, and Ahly it behind him (video)

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He said the counselor Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, said that the lady close to the sword of Farouk Jaafar, youth team player at the club, is the one that leaked his contract, in order to hit his father, explaining that he will keep his 100 million pounds in the future.

Said the red-Mansour, in the Madre of a telephone to program slot on Channel Zamalek: “from the squadron held a sword Farouk Jaafar lady very close to him in order to hit the Farouk Jaafar”.

He continued: “I’m gonna sell the son of Farouk Jaafar after a year or two years 100 million pounds increase Mustapha Mohamed opened the tourists”, explaining that the characters of the players of his generation, Al-Ahli panting behind him in order to sign him, he is the most skilled of his father, and in every season of 35 goals.

Mansour noted that the son of A. Schubert, goalkeeper of Al Ahly, gets 5 million per season, while he gets the sword of Farouk Jaafar 750 thousand pounds only in the season and didn’t get them”.

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