Mortuary finds in Passauer Pension: police discovered three dead and two crossbows – Panorama – society


Three bodies have been found in a guest room of a pension in Passau. There are two women at the age of 31 and 33 years and a 54-year-old man, the police said on Saturday. Staff of the pension had found the bodies. The police secured two crossbows in the room. Information on how the three people were killed did not exist at first. The background was initially completely unclear. The investigation would “with high pressure and in all directions,” it said in the evening by the police. There are so far no new findings.

The pension is surrounded by greenery on the edge of Passau on the river Ilz. On the outside, nothing indicated the police operation in the evening. The factory was running, a sign read: “open today”. In the pouring rain, only a few photographers stopped in front of the building.

The three dead are reportedly from Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate and had rented on Friday in the pension. The relationship between them was also unclear. The criminal police determined. (dpa)


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