Moses reassured the waters with the Grand Slam and the ship cut a series of defeats (+ video)


Moisés Gómez released the Grand Slam to calm the waters and break the ugly streak that had crossed Navegantes del Magallanes who beat Cardinal de Lara 9-1 at Valencia's José Bernardo Perez Stadium.

But the good news comes together for the shipowners, because even if he did not win, another young Ricardo Sanchez launched 6.0 innings of four shots, one race, one ticket and he eliminated five.

Although the front was also Williams Perez protagonist of launching six zeros, four shots, a transfer and five fans.

The cardinals flew first

In the same first section, the visitor inaugurated the list before Sanchez, with a flight of sacrifice from Juniel Querecuto to the driver Ildemaro Vargas, who had been on an unstoppable charge.

Seventh of Moses and company

The pitch change for the left left twilight Yapson Gomez arrived for Perez and there the tap was opened hitting the first two.

With the bases full and in front of the new pitcher Andrés Machado, the young man of 20 years came to the plate. The same who debuted in this championship with three home runs to take him on the field to the left for his first Grand Slam in the LVBP.

The party was continued by Rayder Ascanio when he played in triple to enter another pair, one by mistake of the receiver Jojhan Quevedo and around an entry of six races.

Three Grand Slam magallaneros in 2018-19

This was the third Grand Slam this season, all the Turkish bats, the other two were Delmon Young on October 25 against Zulia on the same stage and Juan Torres against the sharks, at the University on November 4th.

I was expecting a ladder

"Very happy to bring the team to victory, I was waiting for that line, Richard (Hidalgo) told me that the pitcher (Andres Machado) attacked a lot with the straight line and this was the pitching he was waiting for," said Moisés Gómez to the electric team at the end of the game.

They turned off the light in the eighth

The buccaneers' bats did not stop, because in the eighth they passed through another piece of the trio of notes produced by Luis Arráez's blow and double by Ascanio, which was the other candle when he freed three in the perfect night ( 2-2).

For the Navigators the best attackers were Rayder Ascanio 2-2, double, triple, scored, three hired; Delmon Young 3-2, scored; Jesus Sucre 3-3, scored and Moisés Gómez 4-1, grand slam, scored, four products to reach 11 in the camapaña.

Trevor Frank triumphed from the mound (3-0) in the relay of 1.0 innings, two successes.

For cardinals, Ildemaro Vargas of 4-2, he scored; Manuel Meléndez 4-3. Yapson Gómez lost (0-1).

Malavé: "He's a hero we hid"

"At any time this team would react and we'll have what it takes to do it, it's a hero we hid here, thank God, he hit the ball at the right time," Omar Malavé's expedition manager said about the game and the jewel who has in the Moisés Gómez team.

Weekend against Braves

At the best time this victory could not reach the Turkish cave, because this weekend I will continue home to receive Bravos de Margarita with three games.

Saturdays will be measured starting at 5:30 pm, while Sunday on two billboards, motivated by a game reprogrammed on October 15 due to power supply problems.

The first one will start at 4:00 in the afternoon and then the other will compete, both with seven innings.

Magellan, still with a negative record (10-12) is fifth in solitary, while the Cardinals have lost for the third consecutive game and have dropped to fourth place (14-11), while Bravos who comes to Valencia for three games is the second (14-) 10).

Eagles gathered and won the series at Tigres

In a sturdy game, which was interrupted by rain and power outages, Águilas del Zulia scored a four-shot cluster in the eighth inning to get the score and reach a 5-4 against the Tigres de Aragua at the stadium José Pérez Colmenares.

With that triumph, the birds of prey assured us to secure the particular series in the regular season.

Zulia took a step forward in the first chapter with the unstoppable Odúbel Randolph who led Ali Castillo.

However, they had to wait until the eighth to tie and come back when they were 4-1 on the board.

wicker cradle

Odúbel Randolph was the Zulian candle before Aragua. (Photo: LVBP Press)

Insulares has captured the sharks

The debutant Imeldo Diaz shook his first homer in the LVBP, this with two companions on board in the fourth section and Bravos de Margarita managed to fish for the sharks of La Guara 4-3, in the university stadium.

With the victory, the island (14-10) was placed halfway through Caracas Leones (14-9), which had the day off, also stopping the sharks that came from a series of four wins.

wicker cradle

Imeldo Diaz hit him in the face to get his first home race in the LVBP with two teammates aboard. (Photo: LVBP Press)

lions 23 14 9 0.609 P1
Bravos 24 14 10 0.583 0.5 G2
eagles 23 13 10 0,565 1 G2
cardinals 25 14 11 0,560 1 P3
Magellan 22 10 12 0.455 3.5 G1
tigers 22 9 13 0.409 4.5 P2
sharks 22 9 13 0.409 4.5 P1
Caribs 23 9 14 0,391 5 G2

Source: LVBP

Saturday matches

3:00 pm eagles sharks Caracas IVC
17:00 lions cardinals Barquisimeto TVE
17:30 Bravos Magellan Valencia TLT
7:00 pm tigers Caribs Pto. La Cruz IVC

ACN / MAS / Press LVBP

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