mosques broadcast “Bella Ciao”, an open investigation (videos)

Turkish authorities launched an investigation on Thursday after unidentified people hacked the Izmir prayer system to broadcast the song of Italian revolt “Bella ciao from the minarets of several mosques in this city in western Turkey.

The anti-fascist hymn was broadcast by several mosques on Wednesday afternoon, at the time of the call to prayer. The footage was widely shared on social media. The local branch of the Turkish Religious Affairs Authority confirmed the incident in a statement released Wednesday evening on its Twitter account and said it had opened an internal investigation and filed a complaint with the police.

Bella Ciao was released after “unidentified people sabotaged and illegally hacked the call to prayer system“, specified this organization.

The Izmir prosecution has opened an investigation into this incident and also against social media users suspected of “denigration of religious values“for having applauded it, according to the state press agency Anadolu. A woman was arrested in connection with these investigations, Anadolu announced in the early evening Thursday without further details.

Izmir, the third largest Turkish city, is a secular bastion and the stronghold of the CHP, the main opposition party founded by the father of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Omer Celik, spokesperson for AKP, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamo-conservative party, said “vigorously condemned“this hack, claiming on Twitter that”the perpetrators of this repugnant act will be found“.

Media supporting the government also condemned the hack, calling it “scandal” and of “vile attack on mosques“The incident happened in the middle of Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting, at a time when mosques have been closed for two months to fight the spread of the new coronavirus in Turkey.

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