Most beloved Instagram: a picture of an egg is the most liked post on Instagram, beating Kylie Jenner's record

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Almost a year ago, Kylie Jenner has received one of the greatest gifts of life – the birth of his daughter – and with it, the distinction of having the most loved photo ever on Instagram. The post by Jenner announcing the birth of the little Stormi has received over 18 million "like" last February. But that record has been eclipsed. A simple photo of an egg, published by @world_record_egg on January 4, has accumulated almost 30 million likes on Instagram, leaving Jenner's record in the dust.

What's so special about this egg? Anything. It concerns the purpose of the post. The photo of the egg was published with a goal in mind: to beat Jenner as the most loved Instagram post of all time. "We create a world record together and get the most welcome post on Instagram, beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this", "World Record Egg" titled a picture of a simple brown , freckled whole egg.

Not only does the random egg post break Jenner's record, but his most popular post is now full of egg emoji comments. The attempt of the "World Record Egg" to dominate Jenner – and the rest of the Internet – was a success.

Jenner replied that he was dethroned by the apparent murder of the anonymous egg cousin. He posted a resurfaced video of herself cracking an egg on the sidewalk to show how hot it was outside. "Well guys, first let's hear the ground," says Jenner in the video, which had once been posted on his Snapchat. He tells viewers that the ground is "very hot" at home, so he proceeds to break an egg in the street, which meets the laughter of a friend. The egg did not sizzle in the heat.

"Take that little egg", wrote Jenner in the caption to his answer to the "World Record Egg". Jenner has 123 million followers on Instagram and the egg has only 2.9 million. Considering that one is a star of reality and the other is an inanimate object, it is rather impressive for the little egg.

Who created the egg account and published the now famous photo of the egg? Perhaps they will step forward to claim victory, or perhaps the world will never know. Over 27 million people have "liked" an inexplicable photo, published by someone they do not know – this is exactly how the Internet works in 2019.



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