Most Latin American countries exceed the global average vaccination against covid-19

(CNN Español) — 46.8% of the world’s population on average is vaccinated at least partially against covid-19, according to figures from Our World In Data. And most Latin American countries are above that average.

Here we present the figures from Our World In Data with a cut-off date of October 10 (some countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, among others, have figures from previous cut-off dates, according to the data available by country for the early morning of Monday, October 11):

  • Cuba 84,94%
  • Chile 82,91%
  • Uruguay 78,70%
  • Brazil 72.13%
  • Costa Rica 67.53%
  • Panama 67.31%
  • Argentina 66,32%
  • Ecuador 64,64%
  • El Salvador 64.26%
  • Dominican Republic 55.97%
  • Colombia 54,07%
  • Mexico 50.92%
  • Peru 50.31%
  • Belice 49.37%
  • Guyana 46,22%
  • Suriname 40.05%
  • Paraguay 39,32%
  • Bolivia 36,83%
  • Venezuela 34,59%
  • Honduras 33,16%
  • Guatemala 26,45%
  • Nicaragua 10,03%
  • Haiti 0.46%

At the regional level, South America has an average partial vaccination rate of 63.81% and North America of 58.72%.

For comparison, in Spain, 80.84% ​​of the population has at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine; in New Zealand, 70.92%; in South Africa, 22.15% and in the United Arab Emirates, 94.54%.

Editor’s note: Our World In Data specifies that its “vaccination data set uses the most recent official figures from governments and ministries of health around the world. Population estimates for per capita metrics are based on the United Nations World Population Outlook. United “.

CNN en Español uses the aggregate figures from Our World In Data as a general source. Some individual countries may have more up-to-date figures than those added by Our World In Data.

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