Mother's tears for 14-year-old murdered 'in cold blood' –


Jayden Moodie poses for a picture on his moped (left). The family of Jayden Moodie who was murdered in 'cold blood' after he was rammed off his moped and stabbed have now said he had 'no affiliation with gangs' and that he was a' lovely, caring boy'.Jayden was rammed off a moped, then repeated stabbed on Tuesday, January 8th, 2011 in an area of ​​east London is said to be blighted by so-called county lines gangs that are known to exploit children. The teenager described himself as a 'trapper boy' on social media – a slang for a drug courier – he was supposed to be a soldier and regularly carried to knife.As the images of the murdered youngster and holding fistfuls of £ 50 and £ 20 notes, his family insisted he had no connection with drug gangs. Paying tribute to the loving, caring boy, his mother Jada Bailey said her grief was intensified by reports linking her death to violent turf wars.

Jayden Moodie, a gangster, a slut for a drug-runner, and a boyfriend who has been a victim of feud between gangs, but his family said he had no affiliation with any local gangs to investigate why Jayden was singled out in a targeted attack. He had only moved to the capital last year for his new home in Nottingham. Mrs Bailey, 44, clung to the arm of her nephew Leon Green as he insisted the teenager had 'absolutely no affiliation with gangs' – and was warned no child was safe from Britain's knife epidemic.

Jayden's mother Jada (left with cousin Leon Green) was released to tears as the family was published on Thursday 10 January, Jayden's cousin, Leon Green, said he had a keen interest He was standing next to Jayden's crying mother, he complimented Jayden's character and he said he was "viciously taken away". His character was infectious and anyone who met him fell in love with his charm.

Waltham Forest is among the most bloody'He had a huge heart and would like anything for everyone, especially his family. He will be sincerely missed.'Jayden was a 14-year-old minor who had his whole life ahead of him. I would like to stress Jayden had recently moved from Nottingham to London and had absolutely no affiliation with gangs.

Anthony Joshua (right) The aspiring boxer had met his hero, Britain's world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, and hoped to emulate his success. Mr Green added: 'If you are people in our streets that are capable of killing?' a 14-year-old child, then no-one is safe, and they have found the car thought to have been used by the three men who carried out the attack. The police are trying to get rid of the unconscious boy and he lay on the road and 'butcher him in silence'. Oliver Close (OC) gang. The Mercedes B Class was found dumped half a mile away near territory controlled by the so-called. Jayden lived close to an area run by the OC's rivals, the Beaumont Crew. They are known to exploit children, they are being promoted with drug-dealing and then threatening them.

The family of Jayden Moodie address reporters: Her cousin Leon (left) mother Jada (center) and sister (right) Girl, 14, slashed across face at the coroner's A girl of 14 has been slashed across the face with a knife outside at coroner's victim, who screamed, and who died in hospital with life-changing injuries.Three teenage girls – two aged 15 and one aged 16 – have been charged with grievous bodily harm. The knife attack took place in the Barnet Coroner's Court car park in north London on Tuesday evening. Two suspects were arrested at two addresses in Haringey, north London, later that night and appeared at Willesden Magistrates' Court yesterday. The first of the 15-year-olds was bought with a knife. The trio had been remanded in custody. had been an escalation in violence. Jayden, the youngest of five children, was born in East London, Arnold, Nottingham, because of concern over his behavior. His uncle Josh Grant said he warned the teenager to 'behave' in the capital, adding: 'The kids down there [in London] Nottingham … He did not listen.'Family friend Levi Clayton, 27, told The Times: 'He may have done a bit of petty crime and he got in the wrong crowd when he moved to London. He was very quiet with his friends. He was known to be the leader. "In Leyton, a local man identified only as 'Zeeks' said Jayden was known as a drug addict. as a row over drugs, adding: 'He was just a small kid but he did not go to school. He used to always have a big knife in his waist. '

Jayden's mother Jada Bailey (pictured above) was shown to be a posturing to a teenager, but Jayden certainly appeared to emulate gangland culture on social media, styling himself 'Little Driller 'on Instagram -' drilling 'translates as killing in the urban street slang.Amongst the flowers left at the murder scene, one card said:' I would say you would be calm. ' Detective Chief Inspector Chris Soole, who says: "We are doing everything we can to Jayden's death."

Jada Bailey (center) had to be consoled by Leon Green (left) and Jayden's sister (right) Chief Superintendent Richard Tucker has said he could not wait for a young boy.Youth worker Marcellus Baz, who is behind in Nottingham-based youth project called Switch Up, said Jayden and his mother had recently moved to London for a 'new start'.

He said he was not affiliated with gangsMr Baz, who said he met the youngster on a street known as a 'hotspot for antisocial behavior and knife crime', told the BBC he was like a really respectable, polite young man that had his life mapped out '.' He was looking for a ride in London moped he was riding by a black Mercedes B Class at around 6.30pm on Tuesday in Bickley Road, Leyton, and then he was unconscious in the road. of Leyton, a few hundred meters away, and detectives are treating the discovery as a 'significant development'.Mr Tucker said it was too early to ascertain a motive man was sla shed across the face was linked. He said: 'The overriding factor is he's 14 years old.'A lot of people are saying' young man '- he's not. He's a boy. He's 14.'It's shocking, it's an appalling event and it's got huge numbers of our young people and we've got additional officers in the area, and at schools, to actually reassure people that they are safe in east London.

He was urge anyone who has any information on how to forward and assist us to catch the people who did this horrific, horrific offense.'A section of the scene for weapons.Jayden's godmother Zoe Grant, who lives in Nottingham, paid tribute to the 14-year- old by saying: 'He was full of life.

The family addressed reporters from Leyton in East London, which was said to have been blighted by the county lines gangs'He was a beautiful boy, so intelligent, had everything to live for.'He went to London and then this happens, it's just so unfair.'He was very dearly loved by everybody.'Jayden was a good kid. 14 is no life, it's not fair.'A family friend, who gave his name as Solomon, said the schoolboy, a talented boxer, was a 'wonderful' and 'loving' child.Describing himself as Jayden's 'acting grandfather', he said the system was 'really letting down the youth'. '' They do not come on the streets because they want to give a chance to breathe like everyone else in the world.'In 2018, around a fifth (17%) of homicide victims in London were teenagers, most of whom were stabbed.The youngest were aged 15.The borough where Jayden died, Waltham Forest, has been blighted by gang crime, with the local authority plowing £ 3 million over the four years into a program. Police were stepped up in the wake of the murder.


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