Moto Guzzi: that’s why the Mandello manufacturer scares everyone

Now we start thinking about platforms, the base of the new V100 is flexible and lends itself to a thousand variations, the brand is still very strong in Europe and the United States: the Aquila brand now becomes a competitor to deal with.

With a delay of about 20 years compared to its European and Japanese competitors, also Aprilia e Guzzi motorcycles they have begun to think about a product development on the basis of common platforms. Better late than never, one might say. But this delay can be forgiven: let’s remember that, until a few years ago, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia were brands on the verge of decoction, unable to offer models up to expectations and the market.

But now the music has changed. What if last year Aprilia surprised everyone with the platform 660 (on which a naked, a road sports car and the next one have been developed Tuareg), this year is Moto Guzzi time. Which, to tell the truth, enjoys excellent health thanks to sales results of the V85TT and the eternal classic V7.


But now, also for the Mandello company, the time has come to think about the future, with innovative models. There platform, as our Pino Mottola explained well a few days ago, is the basis on which the V100 Mandello, a successful hybrid between a naked and a crossover. Ductile platform (which can therefore be declined both upwards and downwards in displacement), on which the Aquila brand will build a liquid-cooled 1000 cc range.

What can we expect? At the moment it is pure speculation but, judging by how the market is evolving, it is to be expected with a good probability a V100TT version that could complement (if not replace) the V85: for sure this will be the first declension, which could also lead to one dusting of the name “STELVIO”, never forgotten by lovers of L’Aquila. The crossover will arrive, there is no doubt – the market is there for the rest – but we would not be surprised to see one real sport tourer: the 1000 cc market is slowly rediscovering this segment, today less sporty and more tourer than in the past, which has excellent prospects (as Yamaha teaches with the lesson of Tracer).

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But the Moto Guzzi DNA cannot be watered down. And, with the appropriate modifications, the base of the V100 Mandello could produce by budding a classic-tourer that is also good for breaking into the US market, as well as a “pissed off” naked cafe racer style.

The fundamental thing to make beautiful and healthy motorcycles is to have an engine that can adapt to different uses. Well: in Moto Guzzi that moment has arrived! We just have to wait for what will take shape from the inspiration of the men of Mandello. Good luck.

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