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LEGEND MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo leaked the reasons Marc Marquez hate Valentino Rossi. The bad relationship between the two riders has heated up MotoGP for years.

Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi are included as the best MotoGP racers of all time. Both are quite far apart in age, which is up to 14 years. However, the age difference does not limit the two of them to compete.

The Baby Alien – nicknamed Marc Marquez – is known to have been a Valentino Rossi fan. This happened before he entered the MotoGP class in 2013.

However, after Marquez joined MotoGP, this feeling of idolization turned into hatred. Here, Jorge Lorenzo takes a first-hand look at how that might change.

“There is only a very fine dividing line between hate and love. That makes it impossible to be friends with rivals,” said Lorenzo, in a documentary series at DAZN, quoted from Tuttomotori, Friday (25/11/2022).

“One of the reasons [Marquez membenci Rossi] happened in [MotoGP] Argentina 2015. There, Marc thought it was Vale’s fault. They had a good relationship at that time and in my opinion, Marc was annoyed after Vale did not approach him to ask how he was after the fall,” said Lorenzo.

At the race in Argentina in MotoGP 2015, The Baby Alien fell on the last lap due to being nudged Rossi. The hatred that emerged that day then culminated at the Sepang Circuit in the 2015 Malaysian MotoGP.

Marc Marquez

Rossi once shook Marquez’s hand when the two of them entered the podium a few seasons later. Even so, the relationship between them has always been cold until now.

In fact, Marquez once said that he no longer cared about Rossi. The 29-year-old racer admitted that he had never contacted The Doctor – nicknamed Valentino Rossi – after retiring from MotoGP 2021.

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“No, I never made contact, and I don’t want to either. Year after year goes by, and my liking for Rossi is less and less and I don’t care,” said the Spaniard.

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