MotoGP Misano: Valentino Rossi does not rule out testing in 2022

Throughout his long career in MotoGP, Valentino Rossi never particularly enjoyed doing tests, whether official or not. That’s why we usually saw him take the track around noon when all his opponents had been at work since 10 am …

The nine-time world champion may have participated in the two days of testing in Misano, when only one day was initially on his program, he has not changed his mind on the subject and, once his final tests have been carried out, he confirmed it frankly to the official website

Valentino Rossi : « No, I don’t like the tests! It is always difficult and it is the very hard part of our job. But you know, the pre-season testing is obviously more interesting because it’s been a long time since we have tried a bike and generally we change it, we change teams, we try a new model. But the test days during the season… (sigh). Especially the practice on Monday after a race, it’s a nightmare! This is the difficult part of our job, so I’m not desperate that this is my last test (laughs)! »

However, for the subject that is discussed during his debriefing, the Italian is saving himself the possibility of coming back to the track …

« It’s always hard work, physically and mentally, it’s hard. This is the difficult part of our job, I prefer race weekends. But I do not know. We’ll have to see how much I will miss riding a MotoGP when I don’t. It would be nice to do that once in a while. Like I said, testing isn’t the best fun part of our job, and in general, it’s not the most unforgettable time for a pilot. But maybe I will really miss MotoGP and want the opportunity to ride one every now and then. We will see. »

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do not forget that Valentino Rossi next year will have four Ducatis, two GP22 and two GP21, and a circuit a few kilometers from his house. Without even talking about an official test, will he really be able to resist the temptation to try one?

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