Motorcycles Towed by FIFASTRA Leasing; Payment Rejected Cashier, Remidial Section Cannot Provide Details for Repayment

First of all, thank you to for publishing this letter. This letter is my complaint as a consumer at FIF, in order to process my complaint. I feel wronged by your elements at the branch. I will tell the chronology from the beginning:

In March 2022, I went to the Sesetan branch of FIF, Denpasar, with the aim of paying it off, because my installment period was past due. Credit on behalf of my mother, Djumiati. In good faith, I wanted payment to be rejected by the cashier and they said they had to go through a separate section (remedial). Finally I agreed and came to the section remedial on the 2nd floor.

There I met Mr. Edi as part of the remedial and was notified of the details I had to pay. Ongoing fines and fines when I get credit relaxation during the pandemic all appear. In the end, the total value of the payment from Rp. 3.2 million became R4.2 million.

I, as a consumer, object, because FIF should understand better. In difficult times of a pandemic like this, why are fines not removed when consumers want to make payments? They (part remedial) see this as their cash field. Consumer difficulties may be sustenance for them.

Because I only brought the money according to the remaining debt, I finally begged the party remedial for the relief of the fine. They reluctantly said they would be submitted to the FIF center in Jakarta and I was told to wait for the process. They couldn’t tell how long I had to wait.

I asked them whether during this process my unit vehicle will not be towed while on the road? They answered of course no, because the repayment process was in progress, so the status of the unit was not an issue.

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I waited for weeks and I repeatedly contacted Mr. Edi, as the party who helped me with the process, but there was no response for more than 2 months. I’m trying to email to customer service FIF, but they replied to directly call back the FIF branch.

While the FIF branch in the remedial said to wait for approval from the center of Jakarta. Throwing each other here and there people’s problems. What is professional? Honestly I didn’t get any solution from them. Just told to wait for uncertainty.

On June 13, 2022, it turned out that my vehicle was forcibly stopped on the road by the team debt collector they. I was taken to their office and finally given a withdrawal letter (letter attached). Finally I returned to the Sesetan branch of FIF and met Mr. Edi.

When I met Pak Edi, I asked why my motorbike was being withdrawn even though I was in the process of applying for a waiver of fines. With a confused face, he replied I don’t know why there was no report to me. That’s Mr. Edi’s answer.

So far, I hope that Consumer Media colleagues understand. Why is a finance company of this size unprofessional in dealing with consumers? Doesn’t keep his word. I’m just surprised, yesterday I applied for waivers, he said the vehicle would have no problem being towed and everything. But after this happened they were confused because there was no confirmation of the withdrawal part, etc. Mr. Edi asked me that and who should I ask?

After talking at length, I asked for a solution so that my motorbike could be removed. Mr. Edi was confused at the computer and typed here, typed here and did not clearly answer how many details I had. When it wasn’t clear like that, he said my total debt was from Rp. 3.2 million to Rp. 8.2 million. According to colleagues does not make sense?

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Finally, I asked for the extra fee to be reduced and Mr. Edi replied that he could only reduce Rp. 1.5 million, a total of Rp. 6.7 million for the payment. I was surprised, the details were not clearly raised by the FIF, as if consumers were like bargaining in the market with other parties. remedial this.

Because I did not have enough money for the unclear payment, I finally returned home to negotiate with my family. I tried to ask again via WhatsApp to Mr. Edi (remedial) regarding my total payment. Even though it was only 30 minutes since I met Mr. Edi, but on WhatsApp he replied “We will recalculate all the details later, sir” and so far, my WhatsApp has not answered for more than a day.

Is this part of the mentality of FIF employees? remedial? Dealing with consumers deceptively and unclear in conveying details of consumer bills? In your eyes only fee/advantage if the consumer has a problem. I hope all of my friends here can learn from my experience, that FIF is not professional in dealing with incidents like mine.

Currently my vehicle unit was detained and I was given up to 4 days. They said 7 days, but because they (the branch) have holidays, etc., they can only give me 4 days to pay for the motorbike.

I’m trying to check details via WhatsApp center them, finally I get all the details and here I will show the details.

Your current installment information is as follows:

• Contract No: 712000796920
• Type of Financing : FIFASTRA
• Financing Unit : BEAT SPORTY CW
• Total Debt : Rp 12,213,551
• Total Liabilities as of 06-13-2022 : 6,592,437
• Remaining Debt as of 06-13-2022 : Rp 3,161,551
• Monthly Installment : IDR 532,000
• Due date : October 14, 2021
• Late fines up to 13-06-2022 = IDR 3,045.886
• Collection fee s/d 13-06-2022 = Rp 324.000
• Deposit Guarantee Fee up to 13-06-2022 = IDR 61,000

Hopefully friends here can learn from this incident. For the FIF, I’m only asking for a waiver of my fine according to your policies that you have shown on other social media. Right now everyone is struggling because of yesterday’s pandemic. Don’t squeeze consumers who are having a hard time.

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I’m not a criminal, since 2 months ago I have had good intentions to pay off, but you guys are procrastinating and not clear. Please work on human resources who have competencies according to their fields. Because if it continues like this, the value of FIF’s reputation will definitely go down in the eyes of consumers.

Thank you for

Denpasar, Bali

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