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Motorists dream of a modernized Moskvich-2141 – better than Chetyrki and Grants Sport

Over the years, this Moskvich is becoming even more stylish.

The other day in social networks published pictures of a well-preserved instance of Moskvich-2141-02, which caused a splash on motorists who had not seen him before. This brainchild of AZLK is a modernized version of the Moskvich-2141 model, and was first released in 1997 – then the car received not only the supplement “02” to the predecessor index, but also a new own name – “Svyatogor”.

The new Moskvich-2141-02 had obvious external differences from the Moskvich-2141: a different radiator grill, a bumper and new front optics made the Svyatogor prettier, more modern and closer to foreign cars of the mid-90s. True, the clearance of the modernized model has decreased.

As for the technical equipment, due to the lack of its own AZLK engine, it was decided to put a 2-liter Renault F3R power unit on Moskvich-2141-02, which develops power up to 113 horsepower. Thanks to this modernization, Svyatogor has become more reliable than the usual Moskvich-2141, its dynamics and speed indicators have improved. But not all copies of the Svyatogor were equipped with a “horny” engine – most of these “Muscovites” came off the assembly line with 1.8-liter engines VAZ-2130 and UZAM-3313 and -3318 under the hood.

Surprisingly, in 2020, motorists dream of a modernized Moskvich-2141: judging by the reaction to Svyatogor’s pictures in social networks, this car would be torn off a car with new arms and legs. Of course, here it is necessary to clarify that most motorists have in mind the version of Moskvich-2141-02 with the Renault F3R engine – more trust and love among Russians is by no means for domestic units. Users are sure that such a Svyatogor is better than the Chetyrka and Grants Sport: both externally – it looks more stylish than newer cars – and in driving performance.

One of the motorists said that the exterior color was rare for such a “Moskvich” – brick – his colleague was looking for just such a color for several months, and went to Svyatogor to another city. “The vehicle was excellent, warm, spacious,” “It was with a nasal dviglom, flew 170 km / h quietly,” former owners indulge in memories of “Moskvich-2141-02”.



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