Motorola’s Edge Review – Introduction


The Motorola Edge has a unit that is adjacent to the high-end. The soc is the same, the phone is limited to be waterproof and has wireless charging. However, the system is complete and the photos are not opposed to this, the phone has an attractive, large oled display, with 90Hz-rate, a good battery life and good stereo speakers for the money. Motorola, so a phone that has clear priorities, you know. If that is your style, this is an interesting smart-phone.


  • Good battery life
  • Oled display with a 90Hz-rate
  • Good speakers
  • A 3.5 mm port
  • A clean version of Android have any addons yet.


  • Don’t have a wireless charging
  • Soc is not a high-end
  • The limited warranty is for Android updates, and updates
  • Very krasgevoelige back

The final judgment

After a few years of absence, the high end of the smartphone market place long time, Motorola will also be there once again the steps. We saw this earlier in the year, the a flip phone The Motorola Razr. That was, of course, is simply a showcase, but Motorola says it is now back at the high end of the market is to look at them. In the united kingdom, the Motorola-Edge and out. That is, all the way to high-end. The regular Edge is that we are reviewing, is not, strictly speaking, there is a maximum in a, which belong to the upper middle class. But it is also in this segment, Motorola is in the last period did not show it. Other features of this smartphone is, however, a high-end, such as a curved display screen and the camera.

In order to have a context for this Motorola Edge, we are going to go back to the time when Motorola was still a high-end mobile phones in the marketplace. The Motorola Moto Z3, the latest smartphone by the manufacturer for high-end soc: the Snapdragon 835. Then it came to the Moto X 4 is on the market, but by all accounts, a middenklassetoestel. The Z-series is the latest attempt by Motorola in the premium segment. This innovative apparatus, in which magnetic Motorcycle Racer was able to confirm that. For example, you have additional functions, such as a Hasselblad camera with an optical zoom lens, a module, a 360-gradencamera, and a projector. We could use the concept of value, but to be truly successful, it is not now. The prices were high, and the added functionality was a bit one-sided for the money.

Motorola-Edge product photo

There is also, of course, is the high-end X-series. Therein, you had to have the Moto X (2014), with a back made of bamboo. There is also the Moto-X-Force, which is then extended by trying to destroy it. The screen is unbreakable, and that turned out to be the high level of the event. If you do all of this sums up, for sure: Motorola has played with include high-end series, to innovate and to take risks. It is not always rewarded, due to consumer demand, but on the LG. The Moto G series of Motorola’s greatest asset is shown in the last couple of years. Even though that is often the devices are of a great value for money, they are a bit boring for the technologically interested, tweaker.

The Motorola Edge, it is very promising in that respect, much more. It has a large, curved oled display, with a 90Hz-rate, this is a versatile and promising system, and a hefty battery, and a clean version of Android and an soc and which is adjacent to the high-end. And the price? Six hundred thousand euros. That is, for us, more than enough reasons for a review.

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