Mourning for the victims of Halle: Kevin and his friends


Mourning for the victims of Halle

In Hall Kevin S. was shot, which belonged to the rather right “Saalefront”. His mates join the anti-racist funeral procession.

The friends of Kevin S. in Halle before the commemorative demo Photo: Viktoria Morasch

HALL taz | It was raining in Halle. After days when the blood of Jana L. was seen outside the synagogue, behind the tape on the pavement. And nights when the candles were burning in front of the synagogue, on the market square and in front of the neighborhood kebab. The flowers around are now wet, surrounded by leaves that the wind has blown.

On October 9, two people were shot dead in Halle. Jana L. in front of the synagogue and Kevin S. in a Turkish snack. They were not meant and are dead. The Jews were meant in the synagogue, into which the right-wing extremist assassin did not enter.

Through a glass with bullet hole you can see the kebab Kevin S. has ordered, he stands on the counter, next to the coke. “His jacket is still in there,” says a friend of the murdered, who spends every evening before the neighborhood kebab kebab. “It looks like he's about to leave.”

Kevin S. was 20, painter, he worked near the Kiez-Döner and had lunch. Above all, he was a football fan, he loved the Halleschen FC, had HFC bedding, HFC poster on the wall, HFC sweater on.

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In videos that can be found in social networks, he sings HFC songs, “I drive for you, no matter where, chemistry you are my meaning of life.” Chemistry Hall was the club before he became the HFC in 1991, many still call him always like that. He also sings love songs, plays clowd rap and sings “This is the land of the idiots” by Freiwild: “This is the land of idiots who think that love of home is equal to treason. We are not neo-Nazis and no anarchists, we are just like you, from here. “

Kevin S. was a fan of Halle FC

On Saturday after the death of Kevin S. Hallesche FC plays against SG Rot-Weiß Thalheim. Away. There is sausage with Mostrich, beer and sun, the footballers clack with their cleats on the asphalt, from the locker room to the lawn. There are fans there, children, old people, ultras.

While the players are warming up, the Ultras are trying to attach a fence flag in the HFC fan curve, a black cloth, it flutters, can not tie. “It's like having a tablecloth in the wind,” says one. “But there's usually a bottle on it,” says another. On the shirt of the one is in Frakturschrift: “Saalefront”, that's the name of the ultras of the HFC.

When the black fence flag finally hangs, the whole stadium reads in silver letters: “Rest in peace Kevin”. Kevin S. was one of them, he often drove with them on the bus to away games. “Saalefront” is the only info that is in the profile on one of his two Facebook profiles. The other says: “worked on HFC fan curve”.

The “Saalefront” is known for rioting and violence. The HFC has therefore had to pay more fines in recent years. Some of the “Saalefront” are no longer allowed in the stadium, their symbols were banned in 2014. In a test match, HFC-Ultras kicked and beat supporters of VfL Halle, calling them “Jews”. Also this sentence should have fallen: “You fucking crap we kill!” At a game against Jena they shouted: “Jews Jena!” In 2010, the “youth band Saalefront” demolished an Asia snack and left a graffiti: “Jew”.

2010, that was a long time ago. Kevin S. was 11 at the time. At the beginning of the season 2014/15 he was still quite young. The umbrella organization HFC-Fanszene e. V. a “Fan Ethics Code”. The fans should voluntarily commit themselves to renounce violence, racism, disguise and pyrotechnics. Therefore, the “Saalefront” resigned from the umbrella organization and justified it as follows: It was “simply human, even unconsciously to cross a border in exceptional cases”. And: “jokingly denigrating the opponent” is “in moderation simply a stadium experience”.

How Kevin S. was right-wing extremists in his group is unclear. The friend who mourns him every evening in front of the Kiez-Doner says: “Kevin always left when there was stress. He could not hurt a fly. “

Mourning as intersection

This text does not want to make him a Nazi, but he wants to ask the question: How does the at least partially right-wing ultramilie grieve for a friend who was murdered by a right-wing extremist? And how do the others grieve for him, the antifa or leftist of the alliance “Halle gegen Rechts”, which together with the owner of the Kiez-Döner organized a commemorative demonstration for the victims of the attack?

A fan of the HFC says that to the press

“Go, gossip the trash can full.”

Izzet Cagac, the owner of the Kiez-Doner, posts prayers for the victims on Facebook that he does not care about the right or the left, he writes. “❤Right❤Links / Shows the world that has love”. His friend Myriam Skalska, who is currently answering press inquiries for him, sums it up: “We would also run after a Nazi if he forgets his change. It depends on the inner values, on a good heart. Everyone should have their opinion, the main thing is that he does not run around with a gun. “

At the football match of the HFC in Thalheim none of the Ultras wants to talk to the press, not even the young man with the “Saalefront” shirt. As soon as one begins to tell, another comes and forbids his mouth. A person has died, that should be understood. OK. “Go, gossip the trash can full.”

One asks: “What do you want?” Slender, in a black fishing hat, drunk, but friendly. “You're there because of what happened, right?” Yes. “Well, we all had our change of heart, and that's it.” What change of heart?

“Wasn forn change of heart?”, Asks one who, very drunk and aggressive, just passing by, jostling the man with the fishing hat, so that his beer lands on his pants.

“Come on, let's go,” says a third, the friend of the fisherman's hat. He replies: “Now I have to get a new beer because of the Fascho!”

Again and again comes on the sidelines the language on the assassin. The should not have been a German, but one from Kazakhstan, at most a Russian German. Or an Iranian, Islamist. These are listening scraps of conversation. If they were right, what they say would keep their world in order. Everyone here seems to know all the videos that are about the act. Also the livestream of the offender.

The demo

The next day, a Sunday, a commemorative demonstration takes place in the center of Halle. The Antifa is there, many students with “hall is colorful” signs, families with children. Offside is a small group of young men, they carry a sign that reads: “Rest in Fried. Kevin HFC “.

They are drinking beer. One of Kevin S.'s friends wears a greedy-is-cool bag with a bottle of schnapps at the top. Another is wearing a jacket with “Yakuza” on the back, a label named after a Japanese mafia group. Yakuza wear not only, but also many Nazis. On the shirt of another is “Acab”, short for “All cops are bastards”, an abbreviation that also Autonomous use.

The friends of Kevin S. are watched suspiciously by the Antifas, they are slightly lost on the edge. Then one of them addresses them: “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Kevin's friends, from the HFC.”

“The HFC fans are known for being pretty far right.”

“Some of us are in the Saalefront, but we are not right. We have nothing against foreigners. “

Another says: “I have something against foreigners, if they build shit here. But if they work, they should be allowed to stay. “

The young man who asked the questions goes on. He says he “does not feel that the boys have a particularly articulate political consciousness.”

With delay, the demo starts. Slowly and silently. She will not walk past the synagogue as planned. The Jewish community has asked for it. “They said that they need rest and for a start rely on their own structures,” says Valentin Hacken of “Halle gegen Rechts”. “This demo has more to do with our needs than theirs.”

Hacken says that there was a lot of controversy before the demo. Many are irritated that HFC people are on the demo, “but few really find it inappropriate”. “Halle gegen Rechts” is above all about hearing the voices that are at stake, ie those of the relatives. “Kevin was an HFC fan, we can not rewrite that. But of course, we also have to make sure that no one feels threatened by the Ultras. “Izzet Cagac from Kiez-Döner also wanted it to be about the dead, he wanted a banner with their names.

At the very front of the demo, some people are wearing a black cloth that says “solidarity”, also in languages ​​other than German. On the side another banner framed the demo to read: “Not an isolated case – not a single offender. Anti-Semitism kills. Enemy enemies fight “.

Then those who carry the banner on the side suddenly clear the way. Now they wear the black cloth so that a gap opens – it almost looks like a gentle gesture: The friends of Kevin S. slip into the demo, go now in the front row, continue drinking, smoking, clasping hands , say, “For Kevin.” One always starts to cry. Next to them is a young man with a big Israel flag. He does not lose sight of Kevin's friends.

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