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2 hours 35 minutes super heavyweight video experience.

Although the postponement continued due to the corona wreck, the science fiction blockbuster movie “DUNE Sand Planet』. The legendary science fiction series, which has been said to be difficult to visualize,message』、『Blade Runner 2049“ofDirector Denis VilleneuveBy shooting, a really, really ridiculous movie was born!

The spoilers are modest, but we will introduce the settings and stories to some extent, so if you are interested, go to the theater first!

The greatness of the work “Dune”

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To explain in advance to those who wonder what “Dune” is in the first place, “Dune” is an American science fiction writer.Frank HerbertBy1965In the series announced in, all 6 worksDahe SF

Set in the distant future, which became a medieval society after the war with AI,DuneA desolate yet super important resource known as “(desert)”spicesThe power struggle of the human empire on the planet Arakis, which produces “”FremenBecome the savior ofPaul, the son of an imperial familyIs the story of the first work “Dune / Sand Planet”, and this movie is a movie adaptation of the first half of it.

The novel “Dune / Sand Planet” focused on ecology and religious views in the Middle East and Asia.Soft science fiction(It means science fiction that emphasizes social science soft science, not hard science such as physics and science. The content is soft or not hard. In that respect, Dune’s story is super hard!) With a monumental workHas had a great influence on posterity

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The best example is “Star Wars(1977).It’s okay that the first work is set on a sandy planet, but the hero who awakens to the power related to the mental energy of life challenges the empire with the sword technique trained as a savior.・ Solo“Spice” smugglerIt is directly influenced by the fact that a huge hornworm appears on the fastball as it is.

Other”Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, But on the other hand, it is said that it is difficult to visualize because it is so magnificent, and Alejandro Jodorowsky of “El Topo” challenged to make it into a movie in the 1970s, and it is magnificent. Failed. By the way, the story that it became the trigger for the birth of the movies “Alien” and “Star Wars” was “Jodorowsky’s DUNE』(2013) is a documentary film. This is one that I definitely want you to try with this movie.

After that, in 1984, he was still a young director.David LynchAlthough it was made into a movie, it didn’t go as expected, and it ended up being a movie that was broken into small pieces, and it ended in a considerable failure in terms of evaluation and entertainment at that time. I didn’t hate it because I mentioned “Dune” in this movie, but … that story will be long, so let’s stop here.

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Then, after being produced as a TV movie in the United States, the re-movie plan began in earnest in 2008, and after twists and turns related to rights, the director changed several times, and finally directed by Denis Villeneuve around 2016. Is to be taken, and it is this work that it was finally completed & released.

Powerful enough to be overwhelmed by the image

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And the finished movieAnyway, a great workis. Director Villeneuve responded to the overly heavy expectations of the overly famous original with much more overweight love and enthusiasm.

The first thing is amazingpicture..VilleneuveHe is good at copying humans in a huge space or structure, making the audience feel uneasy at the same time as the characters, and swallowing them in a whirlpool of confusion.However, that was especially emphasized in this work.Especially on a big screenIMAXThen you can fully enjoy what he is trying to draw and it will be the best experience.The pressure of the image is so great that I think I will die

Rather than focusing on green screen / blue screen composition, CG reinforces the persuasive power that can only be achieved by live-action shooting, such as performing large-scale locations in the actual desert or shooting in a huge set. I heard that it was a style of doing.This is a level of awesomeness that cannot be explained in words.Sci-fi sightseeing video going to see deserts and huge buildingsIt is also established as.

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The production design such as sets, costumes, and props that support the impact of such images is especially amazing, so muchA unique and cool design is three-dimensionalized by spending luxurious moneyAs a sci-fi movie fan, I’m very happy to see him doing it. It’s not a series of things you’ve seen in science fiction movies, but a unique and “dune” -like design.

It seems that such things can be taken in live action, and it is huge.OrnithopterHe made most of the (flying vehicle like a helicopter), and made the suit for moving in the desert as good as the setting in the movie to withstand shooting in the harsh desert. There is a good chance that the design of this work will have an impact on posterity like the old novel “Dune”.

By the way, if you like such designs, you will surely find the art collection “Denis Villeneuve’s World Art and Soul of DUNE / Dune Sand Planet]Should be wanted. The Japanese version is limited to 3000 copies, so be quick …!

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Excellent cast

And the cast members are also gorgeous, starringTimothee ChalametIs perfect for Paul’s character image with anxiety that he is trying to draw in this movie. And Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, and Jason Momoa, who play the father, teacher, and friend who help him grow, are outstanding. I want to see more of their stories …!

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Playing the mysterious woman Chani that appears in the dream of the main character PaulZendayaAlthough the appearance scene itself is not very long, it has the charm of being drawn in enough to convince you that it will be the driving force of the main character.

Maybe Villeneuve came to shoot “Dune”

Also, director VilleneuveEncountered the original novel when he was a sensitive teenagerAfter that, I became a movie director, but the first documentary-style science fiction movie “REW FFWDIs a story of a young photographer who visited the slums of Jamaica. It is a story of cross-cultural exchange, and the theme is “spirit” and “memory”. It’s available for free on the Canadian National Film Agency websiteAvailable here)。

Since then, those themes have been repeated in his films,Wilderness and desert appear repeatedlyHowever, looking back now, it seems that director Denis Villeneuve came to shoot this “DUNE / Dune Sand Planet”. It’s a culmination of his career, and I think it’s a good fit.

In addition, as a place where I would like to personally evaluate director Denis Villeneuve, he is boldly challenging unreasonable science fiction works.It ’s too legendary, and it ’s going to be compared and given a low rating no matter how you do it.Guts to take on the visualization of “Dune” which has failed many times after doing the sequel to “Blade Runner”I want to show respect and gratitude to.

And not only director Denis Villeneuve but also musicHans ZimmerIs also a big fan of the original, directed by Christopher Nolan, who was always with meParticipate in this movie until he refuses “TENET”However, I have created new instruments and prepared songs with unique sounds that I have never heard.

This is also a bit different from the usual Hans Zimmer’s favorite sound. It is already possible to listen to it on CDs or music distribution services, but I definitely want you to listen to it at the theater.Sufficient to watch in a movie theater compatible with Dolby Atmos (3D sound system) for better soundI think it is.

Great in all directions, but still a masterpiece that people choose

It’s a work that can’t be complimented even if the video and sound are complimented, but on the other hand, it’s not without its drawbacks, and I think it’s a movie that chooses a lot of people.

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First of all, this movieA fairly long movie of 2 hours and 35 minutesAs a director & SF fan, I’m really happy, but it’s a long time, and it’s part 1 to the last.If you say in the original, it will end around the middle of the first book

To be honest, the tempo isn’t very good, as it’s a really polite, time-consuming development that slowly moves through the vast desert like a spice mine. again,It ends without much talk about the somewhat esoteric settings and the mysteries of the worldSo I think it doesn’t quite suit the tastes of people who want a clear answer to any movie and want it to end quickly.

I think it’s a movie made with the momentum to make a sequel, but I’m afraid that some people will evaluate it as “a movie in which nothing happened.” I fell in love with the director “Dune”, soI want you to make a sequel somehow

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In addition, it continues to be quoted in posterity works, so to speak, it is a worn-out story, so it seems that the impression that “it is amazing in terms of images but I have seen it somewhere” will be born.In addition, by making the main character a white actor, excellent white people will step into the savage and help the savage.Caucasian savior / Caucasian chiefThe structure that looks like this is likely to be the subject of criticism.

Considering the story development of the original, it is rather the opposite, it should be an antithesis to such a savior image, but after all it is a movie that ends in the middle, and it should be thought that it is a white savior movie.The director is also solid in this matterExplains that it is the opposite of the white savior movieHowever, it was made difficult to convey. I definitely want you to make a sequel to show it firmly.

Anyway, even with those shortcomings, it was a movie where you could go to the theater and have the best experience with your eyes and ears. This is one of the largest theaters possible and I want you to try it once! You can’t watch this kind of movie many times a year!

The movie “DUNE” will be released on October 15, 2021 (Friday).

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