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After an up and down 2018 that saw MoviePass explode with subscribers for its all-you-can-eat filmgoing package and then run out of money before finding a profit, it's changing things up next year. As explained to USA Today, Variety and the New York Times, starting in January MoviePass will move to a three-tiered subscription system:

  • select
    • Roughly on the area – cheaper in the Midwest vs. NYC and LA) and roughly continuing the existing $ 9.95 plan with three movies per month them.

  • All Access
    • The step-up tier ranges from $ 15 to $ 20 and keeps the three movie limit, but can subscribe to any movie they want (at participating theaters), at any time, as long as it's not in 3D.

  • Red Carpet
    • Screening per month as part of the three movies. The most expensive plan ranges from $ 20 to $ 25 per month.

With the new pricing, MoviePass said it could be a break-even on the cost of tickets, as opposed to its previous business model. It is the balance that has been endeared to customers for a period of time slashed prices last year.

The service had charged $ 50 and then $ 35 per month before setting things on fire last year. Now it's tough to see if people will stick around. Now with a new EVP, Khalid Itum, CEO of Mitch Lowe, the company is focused on a more normal plan, instead of simply underpinning an advertising operation on analytics.

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