Mozart’s Mercenary Group Trains Ukrainian Soldiers Kills Russian Troops


The Mozart Group has admitted training Ukrainian soldiers to kill Russian troops on the front lines. Photo/Ed Ram/The Guardian

KIEV – Group mercenaries The Mozart Group admits training soldiers Ukraine to kill the team Russia on the front line.

This acknowledgment was conveyed by the founder and CEO to Afshin Rattan from Russia Today in episodes”Going Underground“. This recognition is independent of the Mozart Group’s humanitarian mission in Ukraine.

The private military company was founded by citizens of the United States (US), Andrew Milburn and Andrew Bain, in March last year.

The Mozart Group has been described as the West’s answer to the Wagner Group—a private Russian military company currently fighting Kiev forces for control of the main Donbass city of Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine).

Speaking to Ratansi, Milburn was keen to dispel comparisons between Mozart and Wagner.

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He said that his group’s mission was purely humanitarian, and that Mozart’s members primarily worked to supply and evacuate civilians living near the front lines.

However, the group’s other mission is the training of Ukrainian soldiers. “That often happens very close to the front line,” said Milburn, a former US Marine Corps commander.

“Unfortunately in this war—in any war really—the more enemies you remove from the playing field, or kill, the less danger there is to your own people,” he said, reported on Sunday (29/1/2023).

“Why are we training people? It’s not just self-defense, it’s killing the enemy,” Milburn admitted.

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