Mozilla gets support thousands of add-ons from Firefox for Android – Computer – News

Exactly this. And that in combination with Cookie Auto Delete. So no stored cookies except for a few separate websites. But unfortunately.
As far as I am concerned, Mozilla has been very annoying with Firefox lately. On the desktop there are more and more stuff I am not waiting for (password manager, Pocket, etc, etc). I personally am not waiting for this. I then switched to Edge on the desktop for a good month. I really like it. At least. In any case, in combination with the right add-ons.

Unfortunately, Edge does not support add-ons on phones and you cannot disable that annoying Bing integration on the ‘new tab’ screen, otherwise it would have been a no-brainer on my phone.

In any case, but not updating with Firefox, although that is not always the most convenient method (in terms of security)

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