Mozilla releases Firefox 90.0.1

Mozilla has released Firefox 90.0.1 and fixes several problems with the previous version.

Download Mozilla Firefox 90.0.1

With the update to Firefox 90.0.1, Mozilla fixes a possible cause of crashes in connection with some accessibility tools on Windows. In addition, a rarely occurring crash when exiting Firefox has been fixed. A third cause of the crash that has been resolved concerns the re-implementation of local storage, which is still deactivated by default, but should be activated for some users on a test basis during the Firefox 90 cycle.

It was also fixed that Firefox could get into an infinite loop when processing an HTTP / 3 request, which could then lead to high CPU usage and ultimately to Firefox no longer being able to load websites.

A bug in the authentication with some smart cards has been fixed as well as a problem that could cause about: support to only show a blank page when started for the first time after updating to Firefox 90.

McAfee’s Data Loss Prevention, which Firefox has been blocking for six months because it caused Firefox to crash, is no longer blocked in current versions, which contain a McAfee bug fix.

In addition, the eBay logo for the tiles on the Firefox start page has been updated so that it no longer appears so small.

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