MP offers ‘mindfulness meditation’ to colleagues

To calm the nerves “put to the test” by the coronavirus and the “confinement”, the deputy LaREM Gaël Le Bohec offers his colleagues of all stripes “a new cycle of mindfulness meditation”, notes the Duck Chained in its Wednesday edition.

The parliamentarian has already been coordinating meditation sessions with deputies for several months. But coronavirus obliges, they now take place remotely on the Zoom videoconferencing application, and not in the usual “judo / yoga room” of the Assembly, where they were held in the past.

Eight sessions for 300 euros

The elected official of Ille-et-Vilaine sent an email to his colleagues to describe these eight distance sessions “open to members of parliament and staff” every Thursday, led by two “specialists” in meditation: Dr. Jean-Gérard Bloch and sophrologist Geneviève Hamelet. More than fifteen elected officials are registered, according to him.

“The cost of the eight sessions amounts to 300 euros including tax for the ‘deputy rate’ and 150 euros including tax for the ‘staff rate’ of the Assembly, he wrote in this email.

To be paid personally by the deputies or at the expense of the Assembly? At this stage, it is the deputies who put their hands in the pocket, ensures Gaël Le Bohec. But “the question is still open. (….) I personally think that this should be taken care of by the Assembly,” replied the parliamentarian. Duck Chained.

“We are twenty years behind in the Assembly”

“I may be a little bit provocative, but big companies have been doing it for 20 years. We can see that the army or the prefectures are interested in it. We are twenty years behind in the Assembly “, he added, adding that he had discussions on the phone with the Assembly’s ethics officer on this subject.

In addition to Gaël Le Bohec, several deputies such as the “walker” Pacôme Rupine or the non-registered and former Minister of Ecology Delphine Batho practice mindfulness meditation, based on attention to the breath and the body.

“It is not a trick of hurluberlu. There are more and more scientific studies, in particular one of Inserm, on the benefits of meditation in prevention. (…) It is necessary that science continues to do its work on the subject, with this enormous field of neuro-science “, believes Gaël Le Bohec, who discovered the practice in 2013-2014 during a phase of business creation.

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