MPAA Report: Blu-Ray and DVD give way to streaming services


$ 55.7 billion was spent by customers around the world in 2018 on home entertainment products such as movies and series. This is the result of the latest report from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), based on data from IHS Markit and the Digital Entertainment Group. Compared to 2017, this represents an increase of 16 percent.

The film industry can be satisfied, but there is a child problem: the sale of physical discs has been falling for years: 13.1 billion dollars in 2018 with the sale of Blu-ray, DVD and UltraHD Blu-ray implemented in 2014 was $ 25.2 billion. This corresponds to a drop of almost 50 percent. This is offset by $ 42.6 billion, which was implemented with digital sales of entertainment content – in 2014, it was only $ 15.7 billion. Digital sales also include video on demand and streaming services in the MPAA report.

MPAA Report: Blu-Ray and DVD give way to streaming services

Physical data media have been getting worse for years – in the US and internationally. In 2018, this trend has reached its peak to date.

(Image: MPAA)

In February, Samsung announced that it would leave the Blu-ray player business. The HD media business no longer seems profitable. Previously, Oppo had already announced the end of its Blu-ray player division. The precise data for the various data carriers are not clear from the MPAA report.


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